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Man who beat French President Macron in jail for four months | Emmanuel Macron Story

Damien Tarel attacked Emmanuel Macron as he shook hands with ordinary people while marching on the Drome region in France.

A French court on Thursday sentenced a man who slapped the face of French President Emmanuel Macron this week in prison for 18 months, during which 14 were suspended.

Damien Tarel, a 28-year-old middle-aged activist, has been in jail since Tuesday’s incident, which the judge called “illegal” and “deliberate violence”.

Tarel attacked Macron while the President of France was shaking hands with ordinary people as they marched through the French province of Drome.

Tarel said a few days before Macron left for the area, he decided to throw an egg or cream at the president, but added that the bat was not ready.

“I think Macron is a good representation of the destruction of our country,” he told the court, according to BFM TV.

“If I had fought with Macron to have a duel with him at sunrise, I doubt he would have responded.”

Tarel was charged with felony criminal mischief for felony criminal mischief ($ 54,750).

‘A distant event’

Macron ignored the war, calling it “just an incident”, and vowed to continue meeting with voters despite concerns over his safety.

When asked about this in an interview on Thursday with BFM TV, he called it “stupid, violent” and pointed out that it was due to the poison found in the media.

“You get used to the hatred in the movie which is strange,” he said.

“And when you make eye contact with someone, you think it’s the same thing. It is not acceptable. ”

Leaders across the country have agreed to end the crackdown, with many viewing it as a sign of political instability and a decline in the number of opposition groups in the weeks leading up to the by-elections and 10 months since the presidential election.

“Politics has come a long way. It’s a terrible thing that’s going on, “left-wing MP and state electoral officer Clementine Autain told France Info.

Some saw the persecution as a sign of how Macron, a former business tycoon, continues to promote rejection by many French people.

His leadership was shaken by the anti-government protests of the “yellow vest” in 2018-2019, which was marred by a bit of outrage over economic change and his angry personality.

Macron, 43, whose votes went up recently, is expected to return to work next year.

Research shows he is leading in competition with his arch-rival, the far-right leader Marine Le Pen.

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