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Goldman Sachs wants U.S. investors to report vaccines

Goldman Sachs will require U.S. depositors to disclose whether they have been or not Covid-19 vaccine before he plans to return to office next week.

In a statement sent to staff members seen by the Financial Times, Goldman told staff that answers are needed by 12pm US time by Thursday morning.

“Registering your vaccine gives us the opportunity to prepare to return to the office of all our people as we continue to follow the health practices of ordinary people,” the bank said.

“While we urge you to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, we understand that the decision to receive the vaccine is a personal one,” he said.

The disclosure requirement from Goldman is an example of the difficulty for fellow employers to ensure that they return to work following major disruptions from corona virus epidemic.

Earlier this year, Morgan Stanley teamed up with Capsule to receive the only staff hospital at its headquarters in Times Square, according to a man who was briefed on the matter.

Goldman wants to bring it Workers in the US have returned to the office On Monday, a Wall Street company told employees last month.

Encouraging workers to get vaccinated, Goldman in March began giving workers half a day’s pay to get jabs.

Goldman had already told co-workers that they could freely disclose whether or not they had been vaccinated, and that workers could work in an office without a mask if they received the vaccine.

U.S. banks like Goldman have opted to return to office compared to methods preferred by European banks.

Last month Jamie Dimon, head of JPMorgan Chase, set up a strong security return to the office, announcing that he was canceling all future Zoom meetings because he was “done with it”.

“We want people to go back to work, and I think sometime in September, October it will look like it used to,” said a JPMorgan executive, who told staff to return to the office around next month.

Goldman’s policy of co-workers with the vaccine is stricter than some of Wall Street’s antitrust law. At JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley this disclosure is voluntary, according to the source.

The US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in December stated this companies can hinder employees at work if they refuse to be vaccinated, because they hate their religion and medicine.

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