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Mali’s opposition leader says new PM elected in a few days | Money Matter

Mali’s Colonel Assimi Goita said a new prime minister would be appointed in a few days, in his inaugural address this week.

The army chief made the announcement on Friday at a meeting with political leaders and political parties in Bamako, according to AFP reporters, as foreign powers pressurized the military.

The military arrested President Bah Ndaw and Prime Minister Moctar Ouane on Monday, before releasing them on Thursday after he resigned.

But the arrest of the twins sparked an uproar – and he wrote a second verdict that did not happen in one year in an unstable country.

August Day

Ndaw and Ouane led a working government that led to their return to the hands of the common people after the August uprising that toppled Mali’s elected president, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita.

Keita was ousted by junior soldiers, led by Goita, following numerous demonstrations of corruption and their failure to revolt.

“In the coming days, the newly-appointed Prime Minister will hold talks between various parties,” Goita said on Friday.

He asked those present at the rally to support his interests as prime minister of the M5 opposition party, a powerful faction that the military had abandoned after the August uprising.

“Either we allow ourselves to join hands to protect our country, or we fight a secret war and we will all fail,” Goita said.

The transitional government – established on a trial and regional basis – says it aims to restore full sovereignty in 18 months. But their election was heavily influenced by the military.

Goita, who chaired the committee, was elected vice president and some of the positions were handed over to the military. The colonial office says it is also leading the country after the president and prime minister resigns.

On Friday, Goita explained that the military had no choice but to intervene.

“We had to choose between the chaos and the alliance between the security forces and the security forces, and we chose the alliance,” he said.

The arrests of Ndaw and Ouane came just hours after the government reshuffled the security services, both of whom were military personnel involved in last year’s scandal.

Neighbors are complaining

Mali’s political crisis is worrying the country’s neighbors, which has led to a solution to the crisis.

A diplomat told AFP on Friday that the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) would discuss what would happen in Ghana’s capital, Accra, on Sunday.

The 15-nation Commission also warned against the resumption of sanctions in the country; as well as the United States and former colonial leader France.

However, there are fears that sanctions will further affect the lives of 19 million people, who have been fighting in the armed forces since 2012.

Russia’s foreign ministry, meanwhile, on Friday praised the release of Ndaw and Ouane but urged Mali to finally “hold democratic elections”.

Goita wants to name a member of the June 5 Movement (M5-RFP) as prime minister, in a way that some say could lead to a military coup.

The M5 led a series of anti-Keita protests in 2020 but was not drawn to major military-controlled positions.

Reconnecting with the group can reduce domestic and external harassment.

The International Crisis Group has said the M5 Prime Minister has been able to tackle global problems and the group itself seems ready to work with the military.

The group’s spokesman, Jeamille Bittar, told a press conference on Friday that the M5 would offer its leader, Choguel Maiga, as Prime Minister.

“We must all come together around this new government,” he said.

In Bamako, there was no opposition to the most recent military games. Many have become involved in politics.

Some have accepted them. Hundreds of people had gathered to help the troops in the center of the city on Friday, with dozens of Goita photos.

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