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SolarWinds Hackers Are Not ‘Back’. He did not go there

Russian pirates who has broken the SolarWinds IT management program to persuade a killed organizations and businesses in the United States has returned to more prominence. Microsoft said Thursday that the same group “Nobelium” has launched a high-profile anti-fraud campaign since January this year and is targeting more than 3,000 people in more than 150 organizations in 24 countries.

The revelation caused a stir, revealing the nature of Russia’s ongoing protests. But it should come as no surprise that the whole of Russia, as well as the destroyers of SolarWinds in particular, will continue to hate even after The US imposed retribution sanctions in April. And compared to SolarWinds, fraudulent campaigns seem relatively common.

“I don’t think I’m growing up, I think it’s a normal business,” said John Hultquist, vice president of research for FireEye’s security companies, who first realized about SolarWinds. “I don’t think he stopped it and I don’t think he might be banned.”

Russia’s most recent project is worth calling. Nobelium has suspended official accounts from a number of Constant Contact emails, in addition to the United States Agency for International Development. Since then, hackers, who are said to be members of Russia’s foreign intelligence service at SVR, have been able to send highly sophisticated emails from their corporate email accounts. The emails contained legitimate links that were sent back to Nobelium’s malware and installed a malware monitoring program.

While the threats may seem overwhelming, and USAID is working with many people in difficult areas, the impact may not be as great as it sounds at first. While Microsoft acknowledges that some messages may have been deleted, the company claims that the spam network has blocked many fraudulent messages. Second to second for Microsoft customer protection and trust Tom Burt wrote in blog post Thursday that the company sees the project as “advanced,” and that Nobelium has changed and improved its development strategy for several months before this week.

“It seems that this shows the change in the actors’ style and the effort that can be made to publish what has already happened,” Burt wrote. In other words, this could be a pivot with a cover over SolarWinds.

But the tactics of this recent explicit campaign also reflect Nobelium’s practice of establishing access to one or more accounts and then using it to gain access to others and skip for a number of purposes. It’s a spy agency; this is what acts as a story.

“If this had happened Pre-SolarWinds we would not have thought of anything. It’s the only SolarWinds story that makes us look at it differently,” said Jason Healey, a former Bush White House staff member and military researcher at Columbia University. 2020, I don’t think anyone will blow this up. ”

As Microsoft points out, there is no surprise in Russian intelligence, and Nobelium in particular, against government agencies, USAID in particular, NGOs, think tanks, research groups, or military and IT contractors.

A former security adviser to the Department of Homeland Security said: “Non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and DCs have been exploited for years.” Government is a myriad of complexities, limited IT networks and infrastructure. In the past, some of those systems was defeat for years.

Especially in comparison to the size and complexity of SolarWinds breaches, the widespread campaign to feel cheated feels like a slight decline. It’s also important to remember that SolarWinds ’problems persist; even a few months after the announcement of the incident, it seems that Nobelium still has some of the most disturbing developments at the time.

“I hope they have the opportunity to be found elsewhere in the SolarWinds campaign,” FireEye’s Hultquist says. “The main focus of the project has been reduced, but it seems they are delayed in a number of areas.”

The realities of digital spying. They don’t stop and start taking shame in public. Nobelium’s actions are unacceptable, but they are not indicative of a significant increase.

Additional reports by Andy Greenberg.

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