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Blue Bezos’s Blue Origin is set to launch a small-scale rider ride on its New Shepard rocket this summer and sell out the last seat on their first trip.

“We are ready, it’s time,” Ariane Cornell, director of Blue Origin of an astronaut, told Al Jazeera.

On May 5, 1961, Alan Shepard became the first American airman. Sixty years later, Blue Origin has announced a rocket named after him ready to make its first flight.

So far, the details of pricing and future trips have not been disclosed, but the company opened a wholesale market for the final seat on their first tour, benefiting from Club for the future, a nonprofit organization that promotes science, mathematics, engineering, and technical expertise.

Printed online registration lasts two weeks from Wednesday, during which tourists are allowed to pay any fee. The applications will be made public on May 19, with the competition set to end on June 12.

Winners will have at least one month to prepare for their first trip to the top spot.

Investigate insufficient space

New Shepard’s Blue Origin Rock and its cap are designed to carry six people and scientific equipment across an invisible line, the Karman line, which separates the Earth from the atmosphere.

The rocket and crew capsules are also reusable and have completed 15 high-level tests over the past few years in preparation for the mass transportation. Capsules on previous trips have reached a length of 100km (approximately 62 miles).

The large windows on the capsule give the riders an amazing view as they spend 10 minutes in gravity, while they can float inside the cabin before returning to Earth.

The large windows on the capsule give riders a spectacular view as they spend 10 minutes in gravity, while they can float inside the cabin before returning to Earth. [Courtesy: Blue Origin]

To cross the Karman line, a small cap with a rider is mounted on top of the rocket. The rocket pulls itself off and stops itself. After achieving his goal, the capsule descends by parachute before reaching the Texas desert.

On a recent trip to a company that tested the airline in April, industry executives dressed as professionals passed a pilot test before taking off. Then he got out of the car before it started.

Blue Origin told Al Jazeera that the incident was “part of a confirmation of the operation of the vehicle before passing the pilots”. Now that the company has passed its payroll, it says it is ready to start flying in July.

First escape

Then who will fly on the Blue Origin rocket? Five of the six seats on the first trip will be filled by astronomers Blue Origin preparing to name another time. Sixth seat goes to the market winner – if they meet the requirements, then.

According to the press, a successful astronaut should weigh between 49kg (110 pounds) and 101kg (223 pounds) and should be between 5 meters (1.5 meters) and 6 feet 4 inches (2 meters) tall.

Passengers will also have to withstand up to 3gs for a few minutes during the climb (or up to three times their weight), as well as six and a half their weight (or 5.5gs) for a few seconds during the descent, the company said.

Cornell said details of the other passengers will come in the future and that the company has a number of aircraft planned in less than a year.

When it starts to transport people, Blue Origin is competing for a spot with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic.

The Blue Origin’s New Shepard supplement is displayed following the test run [Credit: Blue Origin]

The British company has already started selling seats on its car, called the SpaceShipTwo. Those seats go to $ 250,000 for people who signed up early. Recently, the company announced that it would pay more for this subscription, but did not disclose its new price.

NASA astronomer Thomas Jones said the spacecraft would be like returning to Alan Shepard’s first plane.

“Along the way, passengers have taken 5 to 10 minutes of weight loss,” Jones told Al Jazeera, “and the total distance from the car to the descent will be about 30 minutes.”

Blue Origin is not the only company that creates space to sell a chair in its staff chair.

Billionaire Jared Issacman booked in four places on the capsule of the SpaceX Dragon crew as part of a project called Inspiration4.

Funding at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a charitable organization for children with cancer, Issacman sold on one seat and nominated a second-place winner through a fundraising campaign through his company.

The final seat on Isaacman’s flight went to Hayley Arceneaux, a cancer survivor and current assistant in St Jude.

The plane, which is setting up the crash, will be the first civilian operation to be carried out.


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