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How the Former Netflix Producer Developed the Brazilian Plot


Second Netflix The president of IT operations has been accused of accepting bribes from professional exchanges in exchange for a deal with Netflix, the US Department of Justice. announced Friday. The VP’s previous policy forced its colleagues to use a variety of resources, including one that faced “bad” issues and one that Netflix employees objected to because they liked something the company had already paid for, the DOJ said.

Michael Kail, a former Netflix CEO, was convicted by a court of law of embezzlement, fraud, and embezzlement. He used his position to Netflix accepting agreements from vendors who offer him bribes and kickbacks, the DOJ announcement said:

As Netflix Vice President for IT Operations, Kail approved the agreements to purchase IT products and services from small retailers and allow them to pay. The evidence showed that Kail had received bribes in the “towels” from nine professional companies offering goods or services on Netflix. In exchange, Kail agreed to millions of dollars in sales deals and services offered on Netflix. Kail eventually received more than $ 500,000 in shares and shares from foreign companies. She used her savings to pay for her purchases and to buy a home in Los Gatos, California, with the help of a loyal family.

“Michael Kail used a lot of force to accept Netflix’s expensive deals with small technology retailers, and he stole the system to open his own money and interest rates,” said US lawyer Stephanie Hinds.

Kail was the VP of IT on Netflix from November 2011 to August 2014, when he started working for Yahoo. Netflix Anasuma Kail in California High Court in Santa Clara County in November 2014 but lost the case the following year.

Kail was prosecution in 2018 in 19 cases of telephone fraud, three cases of letter fraud, and seven cases involving money laundering. Kail was has been found guilty in 28 of the 29 cases, when the trial judge found him not guilty of a single wire fraud. The jury has also found that Kail’s Los Gatos house, purchased for a clean bill of health, could do so he loses to the government. The lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Northern District, California.

“Kail is sentenced to 20 years in prison and fined $ 250,000, or double his profits or double damages on Netflix, which is the largest, in all cases of wire or mail fraud, and ten years in prison and a $ 250,000 fine in each financial case, ”said the DOJ. The trial is set to begin on September 14, 2021.

Kail set up a bribery company from Netflix contractors, the DOJ said.

“In order to help repay the debt, the evidence presented showed that Kail formed and operated a small company called Unix Mercenary, LLC,” the DOJ said. Established on February 7, 2012, Unix Mercenary had no staff and no business location. Kail was the only one who signed his bank accounts. “

Two days before signing up for the company, “Kail signed an Office Representative to receive funding from Netenrich, Inc. approximately 12% of the billionaires from Netenrich to Netflix for its partnership with IT on Netflix,” said DOJ. . “Later in 2012, Kail began receiving 15% of all payments VistaraIT, LLC, the entire Netenrich company, received from Netflix. From 2012 to 2014, Netenrich paid Unix Mercenary for about $ 269,986, and VistaraIT paid Unix Mercenary for about $ 177,863 “The payoff stopped in mid-2014, when Kail left Netflix.”

Kail also had an alliance against Platfora, Sumo Logic, Netskope, Maginatics, ElasticBox, and Numerify, the DOJ said. For example, Kail “became a consultant and received a share of the partnership with Sumo Logic” in June 2012 and then “agreed and signed on behalf of Netflix a corporate partnership between Netflix and Sumo Logic,” the DOJ added:


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