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Kyrgyzstan says end of war with Tajikistan in post-war conflict Anti-Border Issues


Kyrgyz Interior Ministry said casualties had risen to more than 160, with 34 dead – 31 of them civilians.

Kyrgyzstan has announced that a ceasefire with Tajikistan took place on Sunday, in which it denounced its neighbors in Central Asia during the two years of fighting in their borders.

Kyrgyz Interior Ministry said casualties had risen to more than 160, with 34 dead – 31 of them civilians.

The ministry also said it had opened 11 cases of violence against Tajikistan, including killings and border crossings.

Conflicts between landfills and water on long-term boundaries are common, where border guards often take part.

But the very violence exploded Thursday was the most difficult 30 years of the former Soviet Union’s independence.

Tajikistan, the only legitimate government, is reported to have also been injured and injured but did not comment further on the dispute.

By Thursday evening a ceasefire had been reached, but Kyrgyzstan agreed that both sides continued firing on Friday and Saturday before security forces called for a ceasefire on Saturday afternoon.

Since then “no shooting incidents have been registered”, a spokesman for the Kyrgyzstan national security committee told AFP by telephone at 11:00 GMT, calling the border “calm, peaceful, calm”.

The two security leaders also agreed on a border law earlier this week, a report by Kyrgyzstan’s main government report, without commenting on the agreement.

There was no immediate indication that progress had been made to reduce the disputed sections that make up one-third of the 971km (604 miles) border between the states.

Charles Stratford of Al Jazeera, a spokesman from Osh in Kyrgyzstan, said that based on reports in the area, “the situation was” stable “.

“We hear reports that Tajik soldiers are returning to the United States,” he said. [and] we know that the Kyrgyz army has been invading the region, “he said.

According to state officials at the border, “about 58,000 people have been displaced from the region, 52,000 of whom are women and children,” Stratford added.

Kyrgyzstan on Sunday also accused Tajikistan of harassing 10 citizens who were allegedly held hostage before their release on Saturday evening.

The occupants, including the head of one of the border villages, were injured and “beaten with sticks” at the time of his arrest, said Kyrgyzstan’s health minister Alymkadyr Beishenaliyev.

“After showing us their scars. We put nine of them [in hospital]”Someone went to look for his family,” he said.

Russia, which maintains the country’s military bases, and neighboring Uzbekistan said it was ready to represent the war.

The clashes followed a dispute between Kyrgyz and Tajiks over important supplies on the river Wednesday.


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