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Facebook and Instagram use iOS notifications to sell you tracking apps


Facebook is determined to Encourage following the program Before Apple made a decision with IOS 14.5, and is now implementing strategies to encourage implementation. Academic Ashkan Soltani and About found that Facebook and Instagram are showing notifications for iOS users which puts the idea of ​​following the app. This feature not only shows more ads, says Facebook, but also helps businesses and helps maintain apps “for free“Invite to follow apps and you will probably have to pay for another day, social networking means.

The company shared the information on a revised blog page at the end of April, but “academic reviews” (as Facebook explained to them) did not mention interest so far.

Not surprisingly, Facebook may try to sell hard to follow the app. Personalized advertising is very helpful for Facebook business, and using iOS 14.5 to block them effectively can hurt the internet’s interest. The information may be useful to the company if it may prompt other customers to comply with the software. At the same time, it’s a reminder that Facebook’s business only focuses on data collection – you can be skeptical if you know the privacy.

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