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Japan’s Prime Minister says he does not ‘put the Olympics first’ in opposition games | Olympic issues


A new study shows that about 60% of Japanese people want the Tokyo Games delayed already to be abolished.

President Yoshihide Suga said Monday he “did not put the Olympics first”, as research has shown that about 60% of Japanese want the Olympics to be eliminated less than three months before the start.

Japan has done has exacerbated the problem in Tokyo until the end of May and is struggling to keep up with the number of COVID-19 cases, raising some questions as to whether the Games should take place. Its vaccine is the lowest among the rich countries.

International Olympic officials, who are preparing for Tokyo and Suga, have confirmed that the event will proceed “safely”. External viewers are prohibited and planners released a sports booklet last month on coronavirus prevention.

But a public survey, conducted between May 7 and 9 and Yomiuri Shimbun daily, showed that 59 percent wanted the Games to be canceled compared to only 39% who said they should continue. There was no further opportunity to repeat the ceremony, which has been delayed for a year.

A survey conducted over the weekend by TBS News found that 65% wanted the Games to be canceled or suspended, while 37% voted to cancel the event altogether and 28% called for a further delay.

The anti-Olympic protests took place outside the National Stadium while the experimental events took place inside [Kyodo/via Reuters]

More than 300,000 people have signed a petition to end the Games within five days of their launch.

About 100 “Olympic” anti-Olympics protesters marched around Tokyo Stadium on Sunday to show their opposition to the event by taking an inside test.

The protesters were outraged by the plots of Tokyo and the IOC for wanting to continue the game despite the growing number of COVID-19 cases.

“I was amazed that the number of people opposed to the Olympics had increased dramatically,” Kumiko Suto, an employee of a printing company, told The Associated Press. “But I think this shows how serious the coronavirus problem is. And the Olympics are impossible. I just kept quiet.”

Asked at a parliamentary committee meeting whether the Games would continue despite the growing number of coronavirus cases, Suga replied: “I have never put the Olympics first.”

“My main goal is to protect the lives of the Japanese people. We must prevent the spread of the virus, ”he added

He reiterated that the IOC has a final say at the end of the Games and that it is the responsibility of the government to take part in making the event a reality.

A TBS study found that public Suga acceptance was 40%, close to the low record reported earlier this year.

John Coates, Olympic Games chief executive said on Saturday that even if Japan’s perceptions of the Games were “difficult” they could not foresee a situation in which sports disruptions would not occur.

But on Sunday, Japanese tennis player Naomi Osaka said that although they had waited all their lives to participate in the Olympics, the potential dangers of playing in the Tokyo Games needed to be addressed.

The game is set to open on July 23 and continue until August 8th.


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