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Israel ‘war on war’ against Palestinian children | The Israeli-Palestinian War

They broke open the door just before sunrise, and about 30 Israeli soldiers flooded the family home.

The story of their arrest? Twelve-year-old Ammar, who was charged with felony criminal mischief for firing on a sculpture with a shotgun, allegedly trying to seduce a minor Naqab region. But her mother says the family still does not know why they took her, since the baby was at home at the time.

“We do not know why he was arrested. At 5:30 am, 30 Israeli soldiers slammed the door with their feet. We were frightened and begged him to sleep, ”recalls Ammar’s mother.

“At age 12, she cannot go to school because she is under house arrest. Israeli authorities banned her from attending school for 10 days from yesterday. To my surprise he told us so. ‘What can a 12-year-old do to you?’ I protested. I was terrified that she would be beaten or tortured in prison, and she would cry and cry, ”he says.

Ammar was arrested and eventually sent home. She has not said anything since, and her family is worried about what happened to her while she was in prison.

Ammar, 12, is unable to attend school because he is currently under house arrest [Courtesy: Bedouin activists]

For days, protests in the Naqab have begun in Palestine Bedouin fighting for their own existence and reject the deforestation project overseen by the Jewish National Fund (JNF), a Zionist organization.

JNF has been planting artificial pine trees in Palestine for many years, with the ultimate goal of developing a sustainable Israeli program.

The project is worth $ 48m, and is funded by the Israeli government.

The council has plans to destroy Beer al-Sabe (Be’er Sheva) in the Naqab desert, especially the village of Sa’wa, and, according to Marwan Abu Frieh, a field surveyor and deputy head of the Naqab (Negev) office in Adalah, a. Under the Arab League law in Israel, Israeli police have begun arresting and arresting about 150 people, 40 percent of whom are legally young. Abu Frieh says at least 16 would have been arrested.

‘No fear’

The state of Israel does not recognize the Bedouin Palestinian right to own property, even though it operates before the establishment of the state of Israel, and their presence in the country has been documented for thousands of years.

The father of 16-year-old schoolgirl Jenin was not at home when their daughter was arrested. While at work, her WhatsApp became like a madman with pictures of Jenin being arrested by Israeli soldiers at a rally sent to her.

Although she was afraid of what would happen to her daughter in Israel, she was proud to be fighting for her homeland.

“I obtained a work permit and went to see my daughter who was detained for a few hours, after which she was sent home,” he recalls. “I asked him how he was arrested and what he felt when he was in prison, he was proud and he was not afraid.”

Jenin protested with her schoolmates, and while she was there, she did not resort to violenceJenin protested with her classmates and did not resort to violence [Courtesy: Bedouin activists]

He says life is difficult in the Naqab while Israel refuses to allow them to build their own land or pay homage, even though the Bedouins have repeatedly tried to figure it out. Bedouin claims to the world and leave them alone.

Israeli forces rely on Knesset laws and legal regulations, which allow police to arrest 12-year-old children. dedicated to them.

Children’s conditions are worse when they are detained while many are found to have COVID-19 and are physically and emotionally abused.

“Even after their release, they have already suffered from this arrest and its pain for a few days or a week or more. Palestinian youth detained during protests.

Marwan states: “Children are abused when they are arrested, and we have seen pictures of children being strangled. “We have also learned that when investigating, they are threatening their future, if they want to threaten the children not to show or inform other children what happened to them, thus spreading fear among children.

The children worked incommunicado

This technique was designed to ensure that young people like Jenin are too scared to take part in the show. Jenin, her father, says, she went to stand next to her classmates, and while she was there she did not resort to violence.

“He saw that he was doing a great job for his people and that was why the Israeli army attacked our neighbors and many of his friends were at the event and that is what motivated him to go there,” he said.

The police use the law to their advantage. Although 14-year-olds are required to appear in court within 12 hours of being arrested, police repeatedly ask the courts to extend the prison term, which is usually allowed.

“As an example, one day a 14-year-old boy was released, and his detention was increased six times. In fact, six times the court asked for an extension of the jail term and the appellant appealed to the Supreme Court, which returned the file to the Magistrate’s Court and extended the arrest warrant, ”explains Marwan.

“Today, after his release, the police wanted to block the imposition of the release sentence and on appeal, the police refused, and he was released.”

Shahda says life is too difficult for lawyers to protect minors, because intelligence agencies will intervene and disregard court orders issued to release a child, for national security, and their alleged wrongdoing is reversed.

“[The intelligence services] has the power to prevent the child from seeing a lawyer, detain him for days, take him to court without consulting a lawyer, and detain the child abroad, ”he said.

“Child custody is a war against the Palestinian child by the courts and the police who arrest the child, and we regularly appeal. We cannot always prove it in court. Sometimes the Israeli court does not accept our appeal.”

Ammar’s mother, worried about her son’s mental illness, complains that Israeli authorities are refusing to see Palestinian children because of who they are – children.

“A child is still a child but in the eyes of the abuser, he is not. It breaks my heart when I see the eyes of the children when the work collapses on their house, ”he said.

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