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Israel engaged in war crimes in Gaza, Palestinian FM tells UN | Stories by Benjamin Netanyahu


Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki on Sunday accused Israel of committing “war crimes” frustrating week at Gaza where he promotes international pressure on the United Nations Security Council.

“Some may not want to use these terms – war crimes and civil cases – but they know they are true,” al-Maliki told Sunday’s incident.

He reconsidered the case – in anger against Israel – for Tel Aviv to pursue a “discrimination” policy against the Palestinians.

“Take action now to end the violence. Do things now for freedom – not discrimination, “he told the Security Council.

To begin with violence erupted On Monday, at least 192 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, including 58 children. More than 1,200 were injured. In the occupied West Bank, Israeli forces have killed at least 13 Palestinians.

Israel has said 10 people have died, including two children, from the thousands of missiles thrown from Gaza by Hamas and other Palestinian groups, many of whom have been captured by Israeli air security.

Al-Maliki – part of the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas, a group that controls the Gaza Strip and has been throwing stones at Israel – has expressed concern over Israeli deaths but urged the Security Council to reconsider its capacity.

“Israel is” a seized power. Any light that comes from failing to recognize this is essential, “al-Maliki said.

“Israel always does that, put yourself in it. But Israel does not wear shoes. It will wear armor.”

Israel condemns Hamas

Gilad Erdan, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, meanwhile attacked Hamas eagles in Israel as planned.

“It was prepared by Hamas for political power,” Erdan said.

He said Hamas had escalated tensions over Palestinian politics after PA President Mahmoud Abbas delayed the long-awaited elections.

Hamas says a rocket that burned Israel is responding to repeated attacks by Israeli forces on the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem earlier this month during a series of coercive operations. expelling Palestinian families in the city to make way for the inhabitants of Israel.

“Do you believe that the conflict is the cause of Hamas’ brutality against Israel?” Erdan said.

He thanked the United States, which delayed the UN summit, and called on the international community to prosecute Hamas.

“Hamas is fighting civilians; “Israel is fighting terrorists,” Erdan said.

“Israel is trying to avoid civilians; Hamas is trying to encourage civilians to be tortured.”

‘Absolutely dangerous’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for his immediate execution, speaking to the council that hostilities between the two groups were “dangerous” and urged them to “allow dialogue to strengthen and prosper”.

The UNSC held a secret meeting last week over the escalating violence, but has so far failed to reach an agreement with the United States – Israel – a powerful ally of Israel – did not believe it would be helpful, diplomats said.

China lamented that the US blocked UNSC’s statements about the Israeli-Palestinian violence while urging foreign efforts to shed blood.

“We call on the United States to fulfill its mandate, to act fairly, and to join the rest of the world in supporting the Security Council,” said Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who chaired Sunday’s meeting with China and the council’s president. of May.

The U.S. has told UNSC it has informed Israel, Palestinians and others that it is ready to provide assistance “if the parties end the war”.

“The United States has been working hard through efforts to resolve the crisis,” US Ambassador to the United States Linda Thomas-Greenfield told a 15-member council.

“Because we believe that Israelis and Palestinians have a right to security.”

UN Middle East envoy Tor Wennesland urged people around the world to “take action now to get the parties back”.

Truce’s experiments by Egypt, Qatar and the UN so far have not shown any improvement.

An Israeli airstrike in Gaza City destroyed three homes and killed at least 42 people on Sunday, doctors said, making it the deadliest disaster in seven days of fighting.

The United States has sent a delegation to the region to address the crisis, but critics say President Joe Biden – who summoned Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and PA President Abbas on Saturday – has not commented on the scale of the crisis.

“These are areas that the United States and the United Nations have already discussed … but after 70 years plus that the magazine is on the UN’s agenda, and no progress is being made … China is very pleased to invite the US to the UN,” said Kristen Saloomey Al Jazeera, reports on reports from the UN headquarters in New York.

“Unfortunately, at the moment, there seems to be no other way forward here at the Security Council.”


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