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Internet Hatred Becomes Real Violence Worldwide in Israel-Palestine

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The car of a man who was attacked and injured in Bat Yam, Israel

While the unfortunate end of the fire is taking place in Israel-Palestine, digital fears are not delayed. Cyberbullying, harassment, and violence are rampant in the media. One Israeli army that is fighting for knowledge and hatred cannot function fast enough.

From its offices in Israel, FakeReporter has been sending threatening online reports to Israeli officials, hoping to prevent them from happening. A watchdog group of about 10 researchers, human rights activists, and online researchers who are mainly committed to digging up fake information and fake online accounts. In the past he focused on government-sponsored security and was not impressed by the growing digital hatred in Israel.

“We’re such an information management team, so we weren’t ready for this,” Executive Director Achiya Schatz told BuzzFeed News.

Cyberbullying only plays a part in the violence. During the war, rockets of Israel killed Palestinians 248, including 66 children. Thirteen people in Israel, including two children, was killed and rockets fired by Hamas. Firefighting was approved on May 21st.

But for FakeReporter, the controversy reveals that divisions within Israel have led to cyberbullying and violence. Their group has been working day and night to cover the violent messages, many of which can be accessed through its pages. Another organization, Democratic Bloc, assists in research.

“Right now we are in the process of saving lives.”

“Right now we are in the process of saving lives,” Schatz said.

For the past two weeks, she has witnessed the rising tide of verbal abuse in the streets. He is reviewing about 100 WhatsApp and Telegram, most of them in Hebrew. There have been violence in Israel, Schatz said, including Jewish citizens, but Israeli freedom fighters have acted orderlyly.

“The ground was ready for such violence, because I think racism in Israel has been on the rise for years,” Schatz said.

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Palestinian children play on May 24, 2021, near Israeli-damaged warplanes earlier this month in Gaza City.

On May 12 in Bat Yam, a town on the southern coast of Tel Aviv, an evil mob attacked the man. FakeReporter saw it happen on TV watching them and sat on the television screen while a government reporter explained what called lynching. The victim he was on a night visit on the beach when a man looked out the window of his car where there were many people and asked him if he was an Arab. When he said yes, he was dragged from his car and beaten, while people shouted and recorded this on their cell phone.

A father of four survived but went to the hospital with serious injuries. “I go to the beach [for] break time. Little did I know that I would return to my children in this way, ”said the victim told Channel 12 News, the best-kept museum in Israel. “Why am I guilty? What did I do to deserve this? Is it my fault that I was born in Arabia? ”

Ori Kol, founder of FakeReporter, watched the event on television and Telegram. “We are trying to see what he is doing, because he was posting pictures of what he saw, and posting violent pictures to the Telegram groups.”

Schatz said FakeReporter reported reports to Israeli police before the attack, the day after, and the day after, showing extremists threatening to beat up people in Bat Yam. The messages the inspection team saw were very clear: “I urge you to join the Arab army that will be present today at 6pm in Bat Yam. Bring the right weapons, knives, swords, guns, stones, wood, and vehicles and the bar of the oxen, “said one.

Despite being warned, FakeReporter investigators are still monitoring the violence. “No one was sent down,” Schatz said. “And a terrible thing happened.”

In the days following the Israeli expulsion of Palestinians from East Jerusalem by Sheikh Jarrah and the attack on the al-Aqsa mosque, extremists were delighted with the weapons and advice on where to find them via Telegram and WhatsApp channels. He posted pictures of knives, guns, and sticks, based on photos taken by BuzzFeed News, as well as sending racist slogans, promotions, false information, and alliances to meet when.

“It has been extremely dangerous in the streets.”

Kol, who oversees other groups, said, “It’s been a nightmare on the streets.”

Arguments with right-wing activists include Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israel’s prime minister. With only 130,000 followers on Twitter, the Telegram channel itself added 1,500 followers in the past two weeks, with a podcast, he has participated in a parade in Israel similar to that of Donald Trump Jr. plays in the United States: mobilizing his father online and spreading hatred to his opponents.

Israeli forces detonate bomb 12-storey building in Gaza, “Israeli soldiers sayHamas’s military intelligence“(that he did not answer to US officials requesting evidence), destroying AP and Al Jazeera’s offices and residence, Yair Netanyahu intensified his attacks on television. (In words after this, AP He said “There is no indication that Hamas was in the room or working in the building.”

Turn it on May 19, sent a photo showing the crowd gathered around the cold water, at which point a man was carrying a rocket launcher between them. “Sheila works with Al Jazeera and I have the Associated Press,” the woman told a man who owned a rocket launcher. “What about you?”

Yair Netanyahu also repeated coverage from American right wing winners, including Ben Shapiro, Dinesh D’Souza, and Andy Ngo, as well as retail outlets such as Breitbart and Federalist.

“Yair Netanyahu uses his social media platform to deliver his personal message to millions of Israeli lawmakers who are being rejected by Israeli journalists, who are very fond of right wings,” a family spokesman told BuzzFeed News. “Your story of saying ‘followers’ to his followers’ is a good example of such lies in the right-wing region. The work you have done to slander Yair only shows why independent words such as his are important.”

On May 15, the same day as the AP and Al Jazeera bombings, Yair Netanyahu sent a text message to protest in front of the home of senior journalist Avi Weiss. The Prime Minister’s son then sent placards calling for demonstrations outside the press office stating, “We are not talking about anti-Zionist propaganda.”

The demonstration was canceled due to an outcry, but FakeReporter has noticed that people are sharing photos of Yair Netanyahu’s tweets. At the same time, two people discuss a video whether it would be best to go to the home of an elder or to the press. On Sunday, Yair Netanyahu also called for protests against the media.

In recent days, members of the Israeli media have been persecuted. Four journalists attacked, according to the Jerusalem Post, including one of the public media outlets who aired the Bat Yam terrorist group.

“Once we stop robbing the Arabs we will start to suspect journalists,” he told a telegram message. Some called for the destruction of the studio and called it Channel 12’s “Al Jazeera in Hebrew,” a statement that Yair Netanyahu quoted as showing compassion to Hamas.

Yair messages are often the food of Israeli right-wing groups, according to Tehilla Schwartz Altshuler, head of the Media Reform Program at the Israel Democracy Institute, who studies Israeli radio broadcasts and interviews with FakeReporter.

“I’m devastated, I’m so scared,” he told BuzzFeed News. “Because I think I am a very immature whistle and around the right wing and freedom fighters, they understand exactly the messages on Twitter. They take them to WhatsApp or Telegram and suddenly they are calls to action.”

And when the house is attacked dangerous around the world, that dangerous terrorists within Israel, inspired by Yair Netanyahu’s tweets, which were filmed and broadcast.

“The biggest donation we have seen to the Telegalamist groups has been in recent days when the right-wing members of these groups have started targeting journalists for what they consider to be patriotic, fraudulent activities. [behavior], “Said Col.

The phone number of another well-known journalist and Channel 12 anchor, Dana Weiss, was posted along with messages as “congratulations on a job well done,” according to Col. Other inscriptions refer to him as “the prophet of Jihad” and publish unconventional images of him wearing a hijab. As a result, he received many threats of violence, including death threats.

Kol has seen cyberbullying leading to repeated cybercrime.

“Violence starts online and takes to the streets.”

“Violence starts online and takes to the streets,” he said. “It’s something we saw in our work at FakeReporter as a great lesson that we have always wanted to improve. And the business is thriving because of lynchings made online, unfortunately, all over the world.”

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