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Airbnb adds some flexible options


When people decide to go again, Airbnb has said released a major show on his page with his app. The middle of the redesign looks flexible. Making what the company started coming out in February, the next time you find a place to stay, you should not mention the exact dates. Instead, you can tell Airbnb that you are looking for a place to stay for a weekend, a one-week vacation or a full month.

With the help of this flexibility, the app will display buildings outside your search engine to display some of the content on the platform. And if all you want is to find a fun place to live, you can use Flexible Destinations to find lists of things like wooden houses, boats and mansions. Elsewhere, Airbnb has changed the route to speed up. It worked to make the points of criticism more straightforward and to review the practicality.

For its subscribers, Airbnb has completely changed the access route to speed up space expansion. Affected by a number of different categories, the company has now melted down to 10. When you add photos to your page, the app will customize it with the help of “guest request.” It also gives you tips to help you write down captions and explanations. And if you live in the US, Airbnb can move away from home-related items to fill in more details such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your area.

Airbnb’s new features will appeal to people who want to escape and do not know where they are going. At least in the US, the travel industry is start to recover hit hard at the beginning of the epidemic, and people are taking the opportunity to avoid prevention.

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