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Intel to build $ 20BN chip factory in Ohio | Technology News

The chip maker hopes to reduce the price of chips worldwide from smartphones to cars.

Chipmaker Intel has set aside $ 20bn to build a new factory in Ohio in the United States, trying to help reduce the cost of chips worldwide from mobile to automotive to home appliances and demonstrating the company’s commitment to producing the necessary technology. made in the US.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said the move was a message to China “because this is about national security and it is very important that we make more chips here in the United States of America”.

The move could also spur new technologies among Ohio as a joint venture that helps create a chip to open new locations and bring expertise to the region.

Intel said the two manufacturing industries, or textiles, will support its line of processors and its new “start-up” business, which will build chips made by other companies. Existing chip startups have released many of the chips we make, especially in Asia. The business is currently operated by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, or TSMC.

The future is looking to meet a number of needs, Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger said at a White House ceremony. The chips built there will not only reduce the pressure on the supply chain, he said, but also strengthen US security while bringing technical services to the region.

“One of the most profound lessons we have learned from this epidemic is that we cannot take technical and creative advantage light,” Gelsinger said. “You know, we have seen the disruption of our global work. The importance of semiconductors is unprecedented today. ”

Two factories located on 405 hectares (1,000 acres) in Licking County, east of Columbus, are expected to create 3,000 corporate jobs and 7,000 construction projects. The site has provided thousands of additional services to retailers and partners, Intel and government and federal officials said on Friday.

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