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Changes in ‘Life is Strange’ and ‘Dying Light 2’ reminders are delayed

The owners of the Nintendo Switch are waiting to see if they want to play the new two of February. In separate announcements, Square Enix and Techland shared that they are slowing down the switch Life Is Strange: Collecting and Collecting and Bright Light 2 to through next month. Both games will arrive on time on other platforms as previously planned, while the former is expected to come out February 1 it’s the last one February 4.

On Twitter, Square Enix reported that the Switch version of Life Is Strange: Collecting and Collecting it will not be ready until the end of the year. Bright Light 2 facing a long delay, Techland tells expects the theme to be available on Nintendo’s portable console via a customer streaming in the cloud “In six months from the first day.” Obviously, advertising is not good news if you want to play the game on the switch, but to a lesser extent, you can play elsewhere.

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