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Indian police raid Twitter offices after BJP tweet started | Management Issues


Police are visiting Twitter offices to inform their country’s supervisors after BJP’s top journalists described them as ‘disruptive media’.

Police in India’s capital have issued a statement to Twitter offices, seeking information on why a tweet from a Hindu ruling party party was known as “disruptive media”.

Leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared last week’s tweets on what they said were made by the opposition Congress and reiterated the government’s failure to address the COVID-19 epidemic.

Congress complained on Twitter that the document was false, after which a U.S. company later published some of the material – including one of BJP’s spokesman Sambit Patra – as “fake journalists”.

Police in New Delhi on Monday said they had received complaints about Patra’s tweet, which they were investigating, adding that a group of officials had visited the Twitter office to provide information on the inquiry.

“This was important because we want to know who is eligible to provide the information, because the responses to Twitter India MD have been unclear,” police said, referring to the company’s director.

Twitter claims to use its “video-generated” words on text “that incorporates media (videos, text, and images) that have been misrepresented or misrepresented”.

A leading agency, AltNews, said it had analyzed the documents and found that some of them were written in fake letters.

Twitter declined to comment.

Tensions between the Modi government and the media chief have been going on for months, with Twitter earlier this year reversing its ban on several counts challenging new agricultural laws in New Delhi following the request.

A meteorologist in India was arrested in February after allegedly helping to set up a demonstration of farmers’ protests against laws imposed by Greta Thunberg.

The government last month also ordered Twitter and Facebook to remove several articles detailing how Modi treated the coronavirus.

Modi and BJP were criticized for their slow response to the COVID-19 infectious disease that forced the medical system in India to reach its peak, which criticized Modi’s agency’s approach to the epidemic.

The BJP has retaliated through the military, criticizing government officials and others for ignoring what they say are Modi’s repeated warnings for the second wave.

India has registered more than 26.75 million COVID-19 cases, second only to the US, and more than 300,000 people but experts warn that real interest rates could be too high.


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