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Epic vs Apple: what we have learned in trials that may change the iPhone

Epic game, maker Four men, Opens a lawsuit against Apple earlier this month, accusing the manufacturer of the iPhone of operating illegally, legal analyst Nick Rodelli gave the developer one third of the chance to win. Others alleviate their suffering.

By the time the judge retired on Monday to consider his decision, it could have far-reaching consequences for billions of iPhone users and thousands of developers – not to mention Apple ‘profit – the case seemed difficult to sing.

Rodelli, who works for the research firm CFRA, put the opportunity at 55% instead of Epic. Apple, he said, has lost his credibility by asking him to remain anonymous, while Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers appears to be more interested in more modern business than in the old law – including Epic, which in conjunction with his case is on the “border” of the opposite doctrine.

Here are five ways to get rid of debt:

Ma Margin App Store

Apple adaponya Four men from the App Store last year when Epic tried around 30% of the Commission that the iPhone manufacturer pays for the sale and purchase of products made within the smartphone game.

Epic said the App Store works with 78% more profit and this shows the creativity of self-production, which is forced across the App Store to reach iPhone users. Maimelo of Apple executives returning in 2010 showed that the App Store was already more profitable than originally expected.

Apple disagreed but did not object to its image. He also said it can’t count the amount of the App Store because it doesn’t pay its bills.

This allowed Epic to say that Apple’s unwillingness to negotiate in detail was also evidence that the iPhone maker was aware of the anti-competitive games it was playing.

Testimony of Tim Cook

The investigators have changed their minds testimony of Tim Cook Friday last week. He also endeavored to avoid questions about profit, as well as many more.

Epic attorney Gary Bornstein pressured Apple’s chief on the merits and responses of developers and Cook’s frequent response that they did not know much. Cook has not been able to say why Google pays Apple about $ 10bn a year to become a search engine on the iPhone.

Bornstein has thoroughly investigated witnesses since Daniel Kaffee took over Colonel Jessup Few Good Men, “Rodelli said.” Is it reasonable that he does not realize its benefits? This may have affected Apple’s loyalty to the court. “

Cook was also encouraged by Gonzalez Rogers, mainly because Apple cut 30% of the Commission to 15% last year due to other types of software purchases, after Epic relaunched its suit.

When he tried to ask Cook for evidence that Apple had reduced its fees for competitors – not because they were facing charges – he described how Google reduced the amount to 15% after Apple did so.

“I understand maybe Google will change its price, but what you’re doing didn’t happen because of competition,” he said.

Market definition

“Market opinion is the likely choice in this regard,” said Amit Daryanani, an Evercore ISI researcher, who thinks Apple still exists.

“If Epic proves to the court that Apple’s equipment is their only market, it could make the day. We think this is unlikely.”

Cook added that while Apple monitors the iPhone’s access through its App Store, consumers had the opportunity to choose an alternative to other livelihoods by adopting another smartphone and apps that had access to those customers.

Apple was also able to say, in the case of Four men, the market was huge – in contrast, let’s say, if the lawsuit was brought by a dating app or another company that acquires users of smartphones only. When
Four men removed from the App Store, players could access the game on Xbox, PlayStation and PCs.

Court documents reveal that the App Store is only 7 percent of Four menWith the money he earned, Apple’s lawyer said: “It makes you wonder why we’re here.”

MacBook results

Apple said last year’s Epic vision of how the iPhone should work “could threaten the entire App Store environment” and Cook said giving up control of apps could turn the iPhone into a “deadly mess”.

Epic said his request does not change at all, it just requires the iPhone to act like MacBooks and iMacs. Macs allow users to download apps worldwide more than what’s available in the Mac Store, he said, so why can’t the iPhone be the same?

Apple’s security was unexpected: the Mac is not good.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s chief of programming, said: “We have a malware on a Mac that we don’t approve of and it’s much worse” than the iPhone.

“A Mac is a car you can drive if you want, you can drive anywhere you want,” he said. But with the iPhone, “we were able to make something else, you know, kids – heck, even babies – can drive… A device and be safe there”.

Divide the judge

Gonzalez Rogers searched them all Monday in search of a central location – but neither side wants this.

The judge appeared unconvinced and made what he said would change Apple’s system of operations.

“Can you find me one case against the infidelity that the court has ordered for the type of relief you have requested?” He asked for Epic advice one time. It’s the most important thing that the courts haven’t done. ”

However last Friday and Monday, Gonzalez Rogers expressed concern about the 30% commission commissioned by Apple. “A 30% rate has existed since its inception,” he said. “And if there was a real competition, the numbers move. And they didn’t.”

His verdict is not expected for several weeks.

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