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In pictures: Floods in Bahia in Brazil as ‘bomb blast’ | Gallery News

More than 470,000 people have been affected by the disaster flooding in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia, including thousands of homeless people.

There have been 21 deaths and 358 people injured in the past month, during the worst rains in Bahia over the past 32 years, according to the National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters, a government agency. .

Floods flooded homes and businesses in many towns and cities, forcing many to abandon their homes.

To the south of Bahia, rainfall is five times higher than usual this time of year.

In an interview with local radio stations, Bahia governor Rui Costa likened the problem to a “bomb blast”. He also reported that the coronavirus vaccine was lost during a flood in some cities.

“Some of the town’s health facilities and drug stores were under water,” he said.

Things in Bahia, with a population of about 15 million, deteriorated too late for Christmas on December 24, when many people were forced to leave their homes and move to higher ground after two dams left. Rain is expected to continue in many areas throughout the week.

Five more dams in Bahia are at risk of explosion, disaster relief officials say. Bridges and state and federal government roads were damaged and rebuilt for food and other necessities to be delivered to the needy.

Heavy rain is associated with La Nina, a climate that tends to occur every three to five years and that makes the Pacific Ocean colder than ever.

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