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Israeli police clashed with Palestinians for the second night on Friday in East Jerusalem, amid growing protests against a rally and a provocation sparked by the videos being sent.

The new violence came after clashes on Thursday, with Palestinian Red Crescent states at least 105 injured, about 20 of whom were rushed to hospital, while Israeli police said 20 police officers were injured.

On Thursday, police had banned entry into Palestinian areas where Muslims often gather during the Islamic month of Ramadan – sparking tensions outside the entrance to the Old City.

Conflicts escalated with the return of Israeli right-wing groups at the end of a march that persecuted Palestinians and chanted “death to Arabs”.

After a quiet Friday afternoon, fighting broke out again as Muslim worshipers left the Al-Aqsa Mosque after evening prayers, where they were confronted by several armed police officers, including cavalry.

An altercation broke out between worshipers and police, with water bottles thrown at police who fired shots to disperse the crowd.

Hundreds of Palestinians also gathered on Friday at the Icelandic cross between Jerusalem and the city of Ramallah in the West Bank, police said.

In Bethlehem, as well as in the West Bank, Palestinians threw stones and a petrol bomb at the cemetery of their ancestor Rachel, a temple worshiped by Jews and Muslims, he said.

Nocturnal disturbances

There have been night riots in the area since Ramadan began on April 13, when Palestinians were outraged by police who blocked the road to the walls, after the crowd gathered after fasting during Ramadan.

Later on Friday, Israeli forces said at least 10 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip in southern Israel until dawn – mostly one night since the beginning of the year.

Some were captured by Israeli Air Dome air raids and others were shot, while sirens sounded in nearby villages.

In response, Palestinian witnesses and security sources told AFP that Israeli tanks had exploded in the Gaza Strip.

The military has said it has attacked Hamas’s stronghold.

Jewish ‘Harmful’ sects

The United States, its Israeli counterpart, led by President Joe Biden, has called for greater freedom for the Palestinian people, saying Friday was “deeply concerned” about the escalation of violence in Jerusalem.

“The statements of the perpetrators of the violent protests that sing hateful and violent words should be strongly rejected,” State Spokesman Ned Price wrote on Twitter.

The European Union and the United Nations have also called for a boycott of the operation.

Jordan has condemned the “initiatives” perpetrated by “extremist” Jewish groups, and called on Israel to refrain from such practices and to remove restrictions on entering the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the Hamas-armed wing, encouraged the people of East Jerusalem in Palestine.

“The spark that you are lighting today will be a string of explosions that will come in front of the enemy,” it said in a statement.

Controversy has erupted in the holy city of flashpoint after a series of videos posted online in recent days show young Arabs attacking Orthodox Jews, as well as courageous Jewish groups marching in the streets to harass Arabs at night.

Police said after night prayers at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday, “hundreds of terrorists began violently violating the law, including throwing stones and objects.”

Stun’s bombs were dropped and a water cannon was sent to disperse the “terrorists” and force them to a small area in East Jerusalem, he said.

“It was like a battlefield; it was dangerous, “a Palestinian who was close to the riots outside the Old City told AFP.” That’s why I left the scene. “

Meanwhile, Israel’s right-wing group Lehava organized anti-Semitic protests by hundreds, which ended in front of the Old City.

Palestinian protester arrested for fighting Israeli police during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan in Jerusalem on Friday night [Ammar Awad/Reuters]

Police set up barricades to prevent him from entering, especially Arabs.

Video footage shows Palestinians attacking Orthodox Orthodox Jews early Friday morning, with reports of Israeli vehicles being stoned in and near East Jerusalem.

‘Vanity of violence’

Speaking to Kan television, Jerusalem mayor Moshe Lion said he was in talks with regional leaders in Palestine East Jerusalem “to end unnecessary violence”.

The lion said he had tried to stop the Lehava movement, but police told him it was legal, and he realized that “tens” of Jews who had attacked the Arabs had been arrested two weeks ago.

But the Palestinian Authority condemned “growing tensions with Israeli extremist groups, which in recent days have been protesting against the occupation of Palestinian citizens in the Old City”.

And a statement issued last Thursday by the Palestinian News Agency for the Dead urged foreign nationals to protect Palestinians from the threat, which they say is encouraged by the Israeli government.


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