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Government Department Officials Fight War Release Lab

In the last days of Trump’s administration, the State Department was involved in a heated debate over China’s launch of COVID-19 which is spreading publicly.

Mu open letter In a Medium report on Thursday, Christopher Ford, former Assistant Secretary of State for International Security and Nonproliferation, said he had intervened to bring the US government into “humiliation and disgrace” by accusing China of deliberately creating coronaviruses – although there was no evidence.

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, Ford said its allies were pushing for the inclusion of China’s alleged violation of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s report in the State department’s report to Congress, which could have sparked a legal dispute with one of US’s biggest rivals.

It is very rare that the former State Secretary published their most recent articles on internal disputes. But Ford’s open letter comes amid a heated debate over the so-called “lab leak” stating that the COVID-19 had exploded. The most alarming aspect of this theory is that Chinese scientists have developed SARS-CoV-2 as a bioweapon.

Search his account for emails put in the in public through description and Fox News and Nonsense Fair, Medium’s Ford correspondent described his extensive relationship with David Asher, a company builder at the State department that investigates the origins of COVID-19, and Thomas DiNanno, former director of the Bureau of Arms Control, Verification, and Cooperation (AVC). According to Vanity Fair, Asher and DiNanno saw Ford as confirming its belief that the virus originated naturally.

In Medium magazine, Ford says DiNanno has indicated that the study is looking at “China claims to have violated the Natural Weapons Alliance in response to the virus.” He added: “They seem to believe that COVID-19 was a natural weapon (BW) for experimentation – or perhaps a BW agent deliberately issued it to the world.”

“It seems to be coming here from weapons,” Ford told BuzzFeed News. “They become frogs if you pull back if there is evidence to prove that the living organisms are found on the coronavirus, but they seem to be trying to make a case.

Ford also told BuzzFeed News that Asher and DiNanno want to integrate what China has violated the Natural Weapons Conference. annual report prepared by Congress and State department. The report, governed by US law, describes countries’ following international cooperation on the development of weapons, ammunition, and disarmament.

“Their legal arguments seem weak to me. He did not present any evidence [bioweapons] to work, ”Ford said, adding that co-workers are arguing that China should be found violating the Natural Resources Convention for failing to adequately answer questions about the COVID-19 problem.

In his opening letter, Ford also stated that Miles Yu, a Chinese historian and jurist, told DiNanno that former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wanted the department’s experts and intellectuals to be absent from the department’s investigation into the origins of COVID- 19. As of Spring 2020, Trump and Pompeo were claimed to have evidence that the virus was discovered from a lab in Wuhan, China.

Yu objected to Pompeo’s demands that scholars avoid further scrutiny. “AVC’s application was not a rude and trivial matter – it was linked to our scientific community, world-renowned scientists of various but diverse ideas, and several intellectual organizations,” Yu told BuzzFeed News via email. “Chris Ford tells a story that goes against the facts to cover up his hatred of any relevant scientific questions that are supported and encouraged by Secretary Pompeo.

Asher also criticized the Ford issue. “I was surprised that Ford didn’t search when I arrived and tried to find what could be a threat to China [Biological Weapons Convention]. Work that needs to continue in AVC, “he said in an email.

DiNanno did not respond to questions from BuzzFeed News, sending her to her account in the Vanity Fair article.

Debate over where the virus has grown since late March, with participants participating WHO-China report he came empty-handed however he thought the lab exit was “very unlikely.” This prompted the US and 13 other governments to give the word calling for “transparent and independent analysis and analysis, not to be disturbed or misinterpreted.”

May 26, President Joe Biden he revealed that he had ordered a 90-day study to investigate two cases: whether the coronavirus was naturally transmitted from animals to humans, or was accidentally released from the lab. And by summoning the Chinese Prime Minister on Friday, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken China China allowing more studies by WHO experts on the basics of coronavirus.

Leading scientists have recently called for an in-depth study of the sources of COVID-19, writing in the journal Science that “these two assumptions have not been properly considered” in a WHO-China study.

Ford is gentle with a history of hypocrisy on the threats the US made against China. What prompted him to start writing an open letter was that his former co-workers saw him as inconsistent with the idea that a coronavirus could escape the lab.

“I strongly aid looking at the idea of ​​a ‘lab-leak’, which is clearly possible, “Ford wrote on his Medium page.” But I’m not just saying this now. I said it then, too. More. “

The lab to bring out the idea is not a single conceptual concept, but a group of ideas around sources of COVID-19.

Given slippery history at the site of virology around the world, as well as a complete lack of transparency from China, many scientists agree that there is no way to dispel the possibility that the virus was collected from wild animals and taken out of a lab in Wuhan by accident. International attention has been focused on the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV), where a team led by Shi Zhengli has documented the dangerous coronaviruses found in bats.

Many types of speculation suggest that scientists at WIV or other locations in the city were conducting experimental but dangerous “beneficial” experiments, and modifying the bat coronavirus to study mutations that could lead to human transmission of the disease.

Suspicion has befallen Shi, because he was already agreed on similar experiments led by Ralph Baric, a medical specialist at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Baric’s group sprayed spike proteins from Shi’s bat coronaviruses, which it uses to communicate with infected cells, to another coronavirus that was modified to infect mice.

Shi has refused to retry the same experiment since the study was published in 2015. But the mystery surrounding the research at WIV and other labs suggests that speculation persists.

The most dangerous idea, considered a conspiracy by many experts, is that of Chinese military scientists he did it on purpose SARS-CoV-2, a virus that causes COVID-19, as a bioweapon.

In his Medium statement, Ford accuses DiNanno of “dragging his feet” in questioning what lawyers and scientists have provided. But on January 7 this year, an online conference involving scientists including Baric and David Relman, a medical specialist at Stanford University who repeatedly he objected that the theory of laboratory research should be thoroughly investigated, he called on the State department to review the evidence.

He heard from Steven Quay, CEO of the biopharmaceutical company Atossa Therapeutics, who conducted the study who said “without a doubt”That SARS-CoV-2 came from the lab. According to Nonsense Fair, Quay’s case was disputed by Baric, who claimed to have ignored a number of bat coronaviruses that were not identified by science.

In summary of the Ford meeting he sent to colleagues at the State department the next day, he wrote: “[H]statistical analysis is flawed because we do not have the knowledge to support the main inputs. In fact, we do not know exactly how many bats are found in the wild. Ford left the State department the same day, after announcing his resignation.

DiNanno later he replied“On the contrary, we do not need to know any type of bat coronavirus genome in order to understand the potential for zoonotic [natural] and the beginning of the lab. We just need to accurately estimate the number of bat coronaviruses available, and add this to our weight of our knowledge about bat coronaviruses. ”

Baric and Relman did not respond to a request for comment.

In an email to BuzzFeed News, Quay defended his statistical analysis, claiming to have been viewed online more than 160,000 times. “I have never been insulted in my work,” he said. “My idea at the meeting was to try as hard as they could to get me to report and move on.”

On January 15, the Pompeo State Department released “note sheet”In the case of WIV, which challenged China’s privacy around COVID-19.

Instead, according to intelligence reports, the US government “has reason to believe that a number of researchers within WIV became ill in the spring of 2019, before the first case of the disease, with COVID-19-related symptoms and common seasonal infections. names. ”

The document also highlighted the long-standing blackness of the US over China’s apparent exposure to past research on natural weapons: the Natural Weapons Conference. “And he said the WIV had agreed to a well-known search on behalf of the Chinese military since 2017.

But the statement did not say that SARS-CoV-2 was invented by a Chinese research manufacturer of weapons.

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