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Google will update Chrome OS as soon as possible as its browser

Google is not just saved quick updates for the Chrome browser. Google is moving Chrome OS has a standard four-week schedule, starting with the release of the M96 on the fourth quarter of 2021. You have to wait at least one month to fix bugs and security patches for Your Chromebook.

The company skipped the release of the M95 to bring Chrome OS and the Chrome browser together. You’ll also see a gradual, six-month upgrade to schools with corporate clients that should arrive by the time M96 is ready.

This move is necessary to speed up the release of the interface while looking at the “big pillars” of Chrome OS, including stability, security, simplicity and speed. That said, I agree that Chrome OS updates have been more when the platform matures – the focus is now on small things but quickly and not big changes. Slow changes have now been made to classes by others who are more interested in a stronger number than recent features.

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