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Google’s parental records break $ 2 trillion in market value | Technology News


Bulls sees stocks rise sharply, thanks to a return on investment in digital trading and growth in its cloud business.

Parents of Google Alphabet Inc. was shocked Monday to break $ 2 trillion in market value for the first time, encouraged by the return on investment in digital marketing and the growth of its cloud business.

Its Class A shares earned an increase of 1.2% to record, with the shares extending the recent meeting to the fifth quarter. Labels are the best performers this year among the five largest U.S. retail economies, a 70% lead that is strongly influenced by the growth of Google’s advertising business.

The share price gain puts the company in a special club along with Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp., the latest to reach $ 2 trillion this year. Google Parent hit $ 1 trillion in value for the first time in January 2020.

“It’s just a few, but I think it shows that these are the leading companies,” Kim Forrest, founder and chief financial officer at Bokeh Capital Partners, said in an interview. “It’s simple – that the market benefits from their growth, as well as their hopes for growth, and a great value.”

The Bulls feel the stock is rising sharply due to its low price and large size than most of its megacap counterparts.

Brands sell about 24 times the lead price, which makes them cheaper than Inc. by Microsoft, but more expensive than the parent parent Facebook Meta Platforms Inc. RBC Capital Markets analyst Brad Erickson said disputes could arise if the number of shares is already cooked. Enough hope, though he still has hope in the Scriptures and said “it’s full of reason.”

Labels are a favorite on Wall Street. Of the 49 Bloomberg-followed experts covering the product, all but one recommend purchasing Alphabet shares. The average price for 12 months at this price is $ 3,321, indicating an 11% return from its current price.

“Considering Covid’s visual appeal, YouTube’s growing popularity and revenue generation, as well as GCP’s march to profit, we see compelling reasons to have the name,” Erickson wrote in an Oct. comment. 26, referring to the Google Cloud Platform.

Labels reported that the third installment went on sale on Oct. 26 which exceeded the expectations of experts, indicating a significant cost to advertisers. The effects of the letters were “very impressive” that have been seen in recent years in the face of hurricanes, Evercore ISI expert Mark Mahaney wrote in his remarks.

Cloud Optimism

The value of alphabet prices will be driven by continued growth, according to David Kalis, a partner at Future Fund LLC. He said the stock is the second largest component in the Future Fund Active ETF.

The company’s revenue per share is expected to reach about $ 130 in 2023, the number of readers generated by the Bloomberg show, or nearly three times the $ 44 EPS reported in 2018. and the market.

“Its cloud component appears to be thriving in recent business successes with Waymo being able to add a boost to its potential market in a short period of time,” Bloomberg Intelligence expert Mandeep Singh wrote in a message, referring to Alphabet. self-driving cars.

Matt Peron, head of research at Janus Henderson Investors, said short-term investors could look to make a profit after rising stocks.

“Anything can happen soon, so it won’t be strong in the next three months,” he said in a telephone interview. “Over the next three years, we will love each other very much and will continue to do so.”


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