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The creator of ‘Pokémon Go’ Niantic is helping others create AR metaverse programs

Photos of Niantic Labs it provides an opportunity for everyone to use the technology behind it Pokémon Pitani and Pikmin Bloom so they can make their own augmented reality with the “real world metaverse“software. Developers can start using the Niantic Lightship platform today. The company is also he announced a $ 20 fund to support manufacturers who “share our vision for real-world events and contribute to the entire universe we build.”

Developers can use Ninatic tools to create 3D 3D mesh maps so that software can better understand the world around the device. Some APIs will help software detect differences between different environments, such as ground, atmosphere, water and buildings. The tool also enables software developers that allow up to five players to participate in the same phase of most AR games, keeping all their content and experience connected.

Most tools are free. Most game APIs will be available for free for the first six months no matter how many users the app has. Subsequently, Niantic will charge if the APIs are used in a program with more than 50,000 users per month.

Several well-known genres have participated in the secret beta of development tools, including Universal Images, American PGA and Warner Music Group. Coachella has created an AR presentation that attendees at the festival will be able to see next year. They will be able to see a large Coachella butterfly landing on the seven floors of the Spectra rainbow walkway tower.

Currently, Shueisha is working with a T&S maker to bring in characters One piece and other manga in the real world with AR. The program will be available in 2022.

Niantic’s vision of the metaverse is very different from The parent company Facebook Meta is thinking about the future. Mu a blog post in August, CEO John Hanke stated that the “real-world metaverse” is about connecting the physical and digital worlds, rather than being like real events. With that in mind, his company has used on AR glasses and Qualcomm on a few years ago.

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