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From Twitter posts: False war on Israeli war | Gaza


On May 14, an official Twitter account about Israeli soldiers posted a “pop quiz” video, urging viewers to “consider” that they were also Israeli military soldiers who were deciding what to do in response to a rocket from the Gaza Strip. The answers were: “A. None[.] Allow the terrorists to destroy the cities of Israel, “or” B. Ask the terrorists who are throwing stones. ”

According to the military, there was “only one correct answer”: choice B. Indeed, the correct answer would be as follows: “C. Bomb Gaza to kill and kill all Palestinian families’ in response to ‘stones’ that could not destroy Israeli cities – and are only being shot at Israel because Israel has been killing and torturing some Palestinians for the past 73 years. “

At least 250 Palestinians have been killed, including 66 children, in a series of attacks on Israel that began on May 10. As usual, the Israeli military’s Twitter account has become a necessary tool to wage a false war to promote this special campaign.

The issue, which currently has 1.5 million followers, is devoted to turning the bully or bully into the role of defining Israel as a last resort – thinking it is a huge undertaking, since the “victims” do not like to establish their country in another world

The complete destruction of Israel and Gaza means that Israeli troops are often less likely to tweeting about a plane attack, with a clear map: “Every red dot stands in Israel for the last 30 minutes: Israel is under attack.”

If the red dots were not disturbing enough, on May 11 he urged Twitter users to listen to the video “SIRENS IN TEL AVIV” and “imagine hearing those words and having seconds to save your life.” On May 12, another tweet announced: “It’s 3 AM and most rockets are being evacuated from Tel Aviv. Families are being rehabilitated and have been evacuated to bomb shelters.”

Don’t worry about the lack of air sirens or bomb shelters in Gaza. Imagine, says six-year-old Suzy Eshkuntana, who dumped garbage in her home in Gaza seven hours after a Israeli airstrike killed her mother and four siblings. Or consider Eman Basher, a United Nations Relief and Works Agency teacher who wrote on May 13: “Tonight, I have put the children to bed in our bedroom. So that when we die, we can all be together and no one will be grieving over the loss.”

The Israeli army speaks of “imagination”, but based on how Israel was made. Another intriguing film, “Just Imagine This Is Your Truth”, seeks to show how “ALL ISRAEL IS UNDER FIRE” through rocks, flames, and runners. The video encourages viewers to “imagine if it was Washington”; “Just imagine if it was Paris”; “Imagine if it were London.”

Meanwhile, the same group continues to show a video segment on the Gaza Strip. Thinking of Israel as a victim requires a lot of thought.

In some cases, the military urges the Twittersphere to reconsider its position on the Palestinian cause. His May 18 video, “Using Hamas Security, Explained,” begins: “Just imagine your home surrounded by terrorism” – something that probably doesn’t appeal to the citizens of Gaza, seeing Israel climbing over the surrounding houses.

According to the most burdensome Israeli story, Palestinian “terrorists” settled in the open and are therefore responsible for Israel’s destruction of civilians. In fact, the military always provides enough evidence to support the claim – as can be expected of any organization with such expertise.

For example, the recently released video “Hamas’ Use of Human Shields, Explained” included documents that Israel claimed were Hamas rockets attached to civilians in Gaza. But as Reuters reporter Raphael Satter pointed out, the film was a real “Israeli education for 2018” and I think – Israel! (Satter went on to say that the Israeli military “has a problem distinguishing Hamas rockets from Israeli rockets does not encourage us to rely on their intelligence”.)

A similar strike took place in Israel in May 2010 when militants killed Turkish and American Turkish-American activists at Mavi Marmara, a flotilla flag seeking aid in Gaza. According to the Israeli line, Israeli military helicopters were shot dead, and the Israeli Foreign Ministry began photographing “weapons” allegedly found, including marbles, keffiyehs, kitchen knives, and missiles.

The photo was originally said to have been taken in February 2006, meaning that for more than four years pilots have been brutally shot across the ocean by people who send children’s medical equipment to the coast. Honestly, if your whole story is a lie, what do you need to pay close attention to?

Finally, if you are an Israeli army and have access to the Internet, there is nothing wrong with that. If we were the ones leading the tweets on some recent events, we would hear of deer hitting hunting rifles, legs of snoko shooters attacking asaki, chainsawas being harassed by big trees, mice eaten by cheese, and much more.

As for the role of journalists in spreading Israeli lies – which Western journalists have been deliberately blaming – Israeli forces have persuaded foreign journalists to cover the Gaza attack on May 13 to force Hamas militants to take to the streets in protest.

Of course, there are other ways to deal with the media – such as destroying their offices in Gaza, as happened on May 15 (Imagine if it was Washington, Paris, or London.)

Israeli militants’ comments on Twitter about the attack on the 11-story building, which destroyed the offices of Al Jazeera and The Associated Press as well as many residential areas, were considered “an important site for Hamas forces”.

Most important was The Onion’s notorious security forces, which called on Israel to reduce the number of offices of The Onion “burning garbage quickly,” for fear that there would be “Hamas allies out there”. The article urged Israel not to “issue any warnings to the occupants of these homes”, concluding that “if a carpet blasts an entire city where our offices can end violence, they should be destroyed”.

Now, the Israeli army continues to wage physical and digital warfare – erasing the truth for now – and it is time to reduce its issue to garbage.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.


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