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Libor defender Tom Hayes to join the scandal

Tom Hayes, a former businessman at UBS and Citigroup who has been convicted of conspiracy to sign Libor, has joined the smart companies run by former Black Cube Seth Freedman.

Hayes was released from prison in January and he is fighting to change his convictions. He will team up with Freedman’s new organization, Red Mist, as a mentor in June, and provide smart jobs that focus on the white collar and financial flaws.

The vendor said he learned new skills in prison while performing his duties, which is being reviewed by the Criminal Cases Review Commission, an agency that investigates possible cases. The CCRC is preparing to determine whether Hayes’ case will return to the Supreme Court in June.

Hayes said he needed a job that would enable him to continue working on his case, and that spying companies would match their skills.

“I spent a lot of time [in prison] through [court documents] written in thumbnails and read hundreds of thousands of files, “a 41-year-old told the Financial Times.” It’s something Sarah [his ex-wife, a lawyer] he says I can do it well. ”

“No one fights harder than anyone else to fight for their rights,” he added. “That’s when you learn new skills.”

He also said that prison officials said his cell was “dangerous to fire” because of the amount of paperwork that was inside.

Freedman worked secretly for filmmaker Harvey Weinstein, and has been a secret spy since leaving the Black Cube in 2018.

The company will meet the demand for intelligence services that experts have stated he had grown up as law enforcement agencies helped re-investigate debt repayment and clean up litigation during the crisis. The Black Cube, founded by Israeli warriors Mossad, was one of the best known for his Weinstein work.

Hayes became the first bank teller to be convicted of a global conspiracy to steal Libor interest rate in 2015. In its two-month lawsuit the UK office Serious Fraud identified the former seller as the “biggest” of the global liberation plot for Libor.

He was released in January after five and a half years and says new evidence shows he was wrongly accused. The CCRC is considering donations up to 9.

Hayes’s lawyers say the former dealer was made the scapegoat to his supervisors – who Hayes claims to know and support his systems – as well as the banks themselves.

Hayes has a mild form of Asperger’s syndrome, which he says is one of the main causes of his accusations against him. During his time at UBS in Tokyo between 2006 and 2009 he was an astronomer, earning a bank account for more than $ 280m.

Hayes and Freedman met and successfully published Simon Cawkwell. They will work together on a lawsuit against Baron Alli of Norbury, who ran the online fashion business Koovs, who was once dubbed the “Asos of India”. The company collapsed in December 2019 and Freedman represents shareholders who have been devastated by the collapse.

Freedman said Hayes had an in-depth research ability that could be useful as a spook. He has spent a lot of time advising the audience of their cases and cases to the British Banking Association and various banks. Many of his alleged accomplices visited him in prison.

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