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Facebook Takes Action Against Myanmar Competition

Failing to utter hateful and even false words encouraged killing in Myanmar, Facebook now says it is planning to take action based on what the military is doing in the country.

In an internal message sent late Monday and seen by BuzzFeed News, Rafael Frankel, director of public policy in the Asia-Pacific region, told colleagues that social networking sites see “problems” in Myanmar “and” serious concern “and described a number of ways to deal with people who use them to spread lies or threats of violence.

As part of this, Facebook has described Myanmar as a “Temporary Dangerous Area” for two weeks, allowing the company to remove what is happening in the country that includes “any calls to bring weapons.” Social networking sites have long used the name in Washington, DC, following a riot at the US Capitol on January 6.

The social networking site, which seeks to protect the integrity of Myanmar’s national elections in November, has also said that it has protected articles against anti-terrorists and their shots, following reports of pages and accounts stolen or seized by the military.

“The election in Myanmar in November was a milestone in the transition to democracy, although it did not go unnoticed, as evidenced by the civil rights movement,” Frankel wrote. “These changes are a reflection of the days we expected to be in Myanmar and they remind us of a freedom we should not take lightly.”

This comes on Facebook after General Min Aung Hlaing, Myanmar’s military chief, overthrew the country’s government and arrested its elected leader Aung San Suu Kyi and other members of his National League of Democracy (NLD) party on Monday. Following the same decision The NLD won most of the seats at the Myanmar parliament, the military-backed opposition groups said the results were fraudulent and demanded that they be reinstated.

Tuesday, US State Department legally elected the military coup in Myanmar as a coup, which brought economic sanctions.

“After all, we have seen that the actions of the Burmese military on February 1, after the removal of the duly elected prime minister, formed a military force,” said a senior official in the U.S. Department of State.

In a statement to BuzzFeed News, Facebook confirmed the statement in Frankel’s message that it would remove the compliment or support the shot.

“We are putting the security of Myanmar first in our lives and we are getting rid of those that violate our laws on violence, hate speech and other lies,” Frankel said. “This includes removing falsehoods that prevent elections from taking place in November.”

Facebook is taking action in a country that has been accused of plotting to assassinate Rohingya Muslims, which began in 2016. In 2018, United Nations investigators found that Myanmar military officials used Facebook, which did not use Facebook. have content managers in this country, inciting fear and spreading hateful words.

“How Facebook messages and racist messages around the world should be monitored independently and critically,” UN researchers concluded. their report.

In a report on Monday, Frankel said Facebook was using “a number of factors used in Myanmar’s past and present during US elections, to ensure that the platform is not used for propaganda, violence, or harm.”

The company is working to protect the accounts of protesters and journalists “at risk or detained” and to remove threats of intimidation or call for violence, Frankel wrote. The company will also protect “global knowledge,” according to restrictions imposed by journalists in this country.

Facebook’s work is ongoing. On Tuesday, it removed a Myanmar war television news channel at the end of Monday, after being interviewed by Wall Street Journal. When the company banned a single Myawaddy TV page in 2018 during the deception of the hundreds of accounts set up by Myanmar’s military, a new page was found and found 33,000 favorites.

Facebook has been criticized over and over again for supporting the growth of violent and dangerous groups and for their poor performance in understanding lies. Recently, a technical watchdog group accused the company of causing a riot that led to a deadly attempt in the United States.

“[Facebook] “Last year failed to eradicate the political and ideological electoral fraud that President Trump confused and led many people on a dangerous path,” Tech Transparency Project (TTP) He said in a report.

The report revealed threats posed by pro-Trump and militant groups on Facebook before and after Joe Biden’s election in November.

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