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The Department of Defense will call for new Microwave Thread Tools


After being laid off for years, microwave equipment is beginning to be seen as a major threat to the war – prompting the Department of Defense to issue a request to provide U.S. troops with light equipment that they say “threatens war.”

The equipment, which some cause burns, has already been calculated for use on U.S. soil. In June, a state police officer asked him to get into a truck microwave heat ray disseminating black demonstrations of the lives of black people. Trump officials have decided to use the same tool against those who seek protection in 2018.

Now, the Department of Defense wants U.S. troops with microwave ovens. This was established on December 9 Asking for a contract due to “low cost, low weight, short range of control equipment (RF),” meaning high-speed microwaves, which came from the Defense department’s Defense Health Program.

The interest of the Department of Defense in identifying microwave devices comes as Israel, China, and Russia claims to be developing their own microwave heating system “Refusal to WorkThat the US pioneered 20 years ago. US continues to develop this technology: An Air Force Research Laborator is releasing “anti-electric weapons, ”Called THOR, placing drones in the middle of a flight. Picture of microwave ovens rider on a rifle rifle was unveiled in 2018. The need to burden drones became real with autumn war between Azerbaijan and Armenia, the first to win groups of drones destroying the security of the finalists.

Then, in December, a new report stated that these weapons could cause nerve damage. National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine disputed report says weapons are the “best known” weapon in the case of at least 15 neurosurgeons and their families in Cuba in 2016 and 2017.

“Without the traditional means of [radiofrequency] injuries lead to disease, it will be difficult to distinguish [microwave] injuries and other causes of illness and injury such as fever, ”says a microwave scanner application request, lasting about two weeks. “This phenomenon is exacerbated by a decrease in RF power. Without a sensor it is possible that no remaining evidence of an RF attack can be found.”

The Department of Defense declined to comment on the detector contract. However, experts quoted by BuzzFeed News say that the increase in military interest in microwave ovens could come from the advent of drone weapons with a NASEM report. Technology, he said, is well-known as a new problem in war in the 21st century.

“I think even though the US has not put these weapons on the battlefield, there is a fear that some actors,” Andrew Wood of the Australia Center for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research said via email. They could be hidden behind a curtain, he added, so U.S. military personnel with heat, for example, may need a light detector to determine if someone is pointing a microwave device at them.

The need for a wearable sensor unit that can fit into a magazine bag and can be cut into a protective cover also raises concerns about the accidental availability of microwaves and war testers, Marloes Eeftens of the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute told BuzzFeed News by email.

Despite the intense heat a person could feel while sitting in an eagle’s “ray-heat” device, Eeftens warned that it would be difficult to determine if a microwave oven was faulty. “You will come out without marks, which is why it is difficult to know if a person was actually identified by the amount,” he said.

There are other types of radiofrequency detectors than microwaves specified in the Defense Department agreement, Paul Elliot of Magnetic Sciences Inc. in Acton, Massachusetts, told BuzzFeed News. They are usually designed for people who work in electrical work.

“The items we sell are the same as bricks, or half a brick,” he said. “You can’t close it.”

Even the hottest microwave ovens, such as those found in the oven, can cook and burn food, a question like nerves health effects It can happen from those who have no power he had no evidence and has been subject to the nations of The intriguing ideas that have appeared today about 5G phones.

The US Air Force test set the bar human microwave form in the 1970s in the study of nuclear energy technologies that are visible from a nuclear explosion. These standards have been adopted since then, but a 2018 NATO Technical Report called the frontier unsuitable for scientists, saying it was not aided by any experimental experiments. Report by French researchers last year that low-energy microwaves are associated with cancer and mutation in rats he also raised the question of health, especially machines such as THOR which are thought to be used in the field against drones.

“I would not expect major public safety issues on timber, but on the other hand, the amount of research related to the emissions of such packages is limited,” said Ken Foster, of the University of Pennsylvania. “If the military makes these weapons, they are very happy to have done a good security training.”


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