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Europeans Oppose Trump In Election


European authorities, however, did not believe the turmoil that surrounded them Presidential Election in the United States, has been trying desperately to get out of it in recent months.

An elder in Kyiv stated: “We do not want to take anything for granted told BuzzFeed News last week, a brief overview of the continent’s long-standing US alliance under President Donald Trump.

But after Before the President declares victory just a few hours after the election was over, I pushed the false charges of cheating the masses, whose closest allies in the US were no longer silent.

With several countries to consider on Wednesday morning, German Defense Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer called for elections in the US “very violent things“I warn of the possibility of” legal violations. “

The British Secretary of State Dominic Raab was a little optimistic, and I ask for patience and say that the United Kingdom has full confidence in the monitoring and administration of elections in the US.

“We have to be patient and wait to see who will win the election in the US,” he said he wrote, warns that “it is important that the work be given sufficient time to achieve this.”

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Not everyone was banned. Alexander Stubb, Finland’s prime minister, said the election was “a testament to the pressure of American democracy.” “I still want to believe [the] “The courage of its democratic institutions, but I am concerned about what we have just heard from @realDonaldTrump,” he said. he wrote.

Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, also he wrote his concern and he took the jab to the Trump party. “Hard hours and days are ahead for the democratic justice system in the United States to remain faithful,” he said. “We hope to begin to hear Republican voices that understand the importance of this.”

Slovenia’s right-wing prime minister Janez Jansa appears to be the only European Union leader or leader to publicly expose Trump, whose wife was born in Central Europe.

“Obviously Americans have chosen @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence for # 4moreyears,” he said. he wrote on Twitter, which makes social networking sites claim to be fake.

In addition to Trump’s attempts to disrupt the election results, there were other concerns about what instability meant for European stability.

“Great Depth” of the US, he wrote Manfred Weber, the German politician who leads the European People’s Party, the largest political party in the European Parliament, is to be a “warning” to the EU. “If we fail, our democracy is in danger,” he wrote.

And some European officials were concerned that electoral uncertainty could fall into the hands of US enemies, especially Russia, who want to see the EU collapse.

“Champagne trees are found in Moscow and Beijing,” he wrote Jörg Wojahn, chief of staff of the European Commission in Germany, may well have spoken of A party filled with champagne prepared by Russia’s attorney general after Trump’s 2016 victory.

Russia seemed to be enjoying the initial experiments with Trump, with an advanced government-sponsored program calling for the contest overnight. “Biden is at the forefront right now, but he has no chance,” he told reporters told viewers before entering into a A trumpet-inspired dance in the air.

However, as a result of the high-level military tribunals began to paint a picture that seems to be Biden’s growing popularity, the tone in Moscow is changing.

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Kremlin RT-run TV, was disappointed.

“They are not free or fair,” he said he wrote, following the string of tweets filled with lies about elections.

Trump’s preferences of the Kremlin are clear, according to US intelligence, and Russian President Vladimir Putin has even he publicly agreed Trump was his favorite in 2016.

However, in the run-up to Biden’s victory, the Russian leader appeared to be blocking his betting, denying Trump’s claims that the Biden family committed atrocities in Eastern Europe.

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Arriving at BuzzFeed News in the evening before the election, Konstantin Kilimnik – a Ukrainian Russian politician who had been arrested by Robert Mueller’s office for plotting to undermine justice and disrupt justice, and whom the FBI said was “allied with Russia’s intelligence” – tried to play the Biden presidency as something the Kremlin could accept.

The reason? Senior officials in Moscow, as second to the first Kremlin chief of staff Sergey Kiriyenko “knows the elite in the Dem[ocratic] It’s a great party, and they think they’ve got a chance to get into Biden, “Kilimnik told BuzzFeed News via WhatsApp.

In addition, he said Russian political leaders “are willing to go [back] Doing business as usual “and” believes Biden is the person who will get along well, “he said.

Biden, however, has been identified as Russia a major threat to US national security and is said to have taken a stronger route to Moscow than Trump does.


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