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English football fans make Wembley back in the League Cup final | Coronavirus News Plague


About 8,000 people – all tested at COVID-19 – were in the stadium to watch Manchester City beat Tottenham Hotspur.

It was a nightmare at Wembley on Sunday when a crowd of 8,000 people watched Manchester City beat Tottenham Hotspur at the end of the English Cup in the League Cup – who had been in the UK since the COVID-19 epidemic began more than a year ago.

As part of the British Government’s Research Program (ERP), the latter were used as an attempt to test the return of his followers.

And while 2,000 fans were allowed out of each club, including 4,000 citizens, it seemed like they had lost a little bit in the visible space of the 90,000-seat stadium, their roaring sound was encouraging.

For more than a year, stadiums in England remained silent, with the exception of a short window at the end of last year when very few people were allowed before COVID-19.

It’s been a stressful time of the game, fans are forced to watch at home from their couches with results beyond the cast crowd to make a habit.

But the sound of fans singing their songs at Wembley gives hope for a better future as the British vaccine continues to kill people and catch the virus.

City fans were married on one corner while Tottenham were on the other end. There were also 4,000 locals and NHS staff at the game.

To get into Wembley, fans have to test the coronavirus in a designated area 24 hours before the game and provide evidence of side effects.

She should also get tested for two PCR tests at home – one before going to the gym and five days later.

‘Big differences’

As the crowd gathered outside the stadium there was great excitement as some of the contestants joined in to protest. The European Super League on the verge of destruction.

City and Tottenham were two of the six English clubs to announce their intention to join six Spanish and Italian giants to form a new league last week.

Manchester City won. Midfielder Riyad Mahrez said having those fans has made a ‘big difference’ [Carl Recine/Pool via Reuters]

The intrusion into the old tradition began after a national anthem from 92 NHS staff members played on Wembley’s big screen.

As has been the case over and over again with a week of trouble following the Super League fiasco games, the game is a no-brainer.

Both sets quickly returned to the original starting point.

The announcement of the startups was ridiculed by the opposition fans, where there was a strong voice from the anti-match officials and the match officials when the game started.

Aymeric Laporte’s header sealed City’s victory and their fans pushed the players into the corner as the trophy was handed to captain Fernandinho – a flood of excitement after last month’s dark months.

It was clear what the support meant for the City players as they joined in singing the Blue Moon club song.

City midfielder Riyad Mahrez summed up the situation.

“They made a huge difference, 8,000 was amazing and we hope to have more,” he said.

For Tottenham supporters, it also upset others and continued the drought that began in 2008.

Another 21,000 fans are expected to reach the final of the FA Cup next month while Wembley expects to have at least 22,500 in the eight Euro 2020 matches they have played this year.


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