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Beavers Downloads Canadian Online Service After Losing Cables


Illustration of Internet Outage in Canada by Beavers Gnawing via Fiber Cables

Figure: Pablo Cozzaglio (Getty Images)

Rascally beavers stopped internet access for about 900 customers in remote Canada this weekend after searching for key cables, a Candian Broadcasting Corporation he said on Sunday. The decline, which has been lifted, has also affected 60 TV subscribers and disrupted local phones, according to a local publisher, Telus.

Tumbler Ridge, a small town in northeastern Britain with a population of about 2,000, stopped working for about 36 hours in what Telus called “a unique disturbance in Canada!”

“The Beavers chewed our rope in several places, which was devastating,” said Liz Sauvé, who spoke to Telus via email in Gizmodo. “Our team found a nearby pond, and it seems that the beavers dug secretly along the river to reach our rope, which is buried about 3 meters deep and protected by a 4.5-inch canal. The Beavers began searching for the canal before taking the rope in several places.”

After landing early Saturday morning, work was resumed 6:30 pm ET Sunday, Sauvé confirmed. In a statement, the company said staff are working “day and night” to address the issue and determine the length of the cable. Telus brought in additional equipment and experts to deal with the “crisis” due to the fact that the soil above the rope is cold this time.

The beavers appear to have been searching for building materials for their home. A photograph of the site shows that they use fiber tape, often putting a few feet on the ground, as part of their dam, CBC report

Telus said he was “deeply saddened by the disruption,” and seemed to recognize the joke in such a strange way. Speaking to CBC, Sauvé said the fiasco is “a rare and unique event in Canada.”


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