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DVB urges Thailand not to send its journalists to Myanmar | Media News


The three journalists and two human rights activists are expected to appear in court on Tuesday on charges of ‘illegal entry’.

Three Myanmar journalists and two human rights activists expected to appear in a Thai court on Tuesday were charged with “illegal entry” while a news agency urged authorities not to send them to Myanmar as their lives could be in danger.

The group was detained during a “random search” north of Chiang Mai on Sunday, DVB said in a statement.

“DVB strongly urges Thai authorities not to deport them to Burma, as their lives will be in grave danger if they return,” said Aye Chan Naing, DVB’s chief executive and editor.

Officials who overthrew the government from Myanmar’s democratically elected government on February 1 attacked independent journalists in the country, forcing organizations to stop publishing and publishing, and arresting more journalists.

The DVB TV license was revoked on March 8 and the broadcaster banned any media activity.

Thapanapong Chairangsri, San Sai’s police chief outside Chiang Mai, told Reuters news agency that five Myanmar nationals had been arrested for entering the country illegally and would appear in court on Tuesday.

He further added that they had been deported, but added that they had been detained for 14 days before being handed over to the immigration authorities.

On Twitter, Tanee Sangrat, a spokesman for the Thai Foreign Ministry, said government officials were “working together to find a solution to the problem of journalists from Myanmar”.

DVB’s Aye Chan Naing also called on the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Bangkok to intervene in the case “to help protect their security”.


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