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‘Disgraceful’: AP reprimanded for expelling journalist from Palestinian line | Freedom of the Press

A U.S. journalist who has been threatened by right wing groups for his actions in Palestine at the university has condemned his recent dismissal by The Associated Press, saying he was “harassed and violated non-compliant media and media”.

In a statement shared on Twitter on Saturday, Emily Wilder said her AP manager told her she had violated a media law when she was fired this week, but did not say which tweets were violating the law. , or how.

His dismissal Wednesday came as right-wing groups at alma mater, at Stanford University, set up what Wilder described as a “false campaign” to accuse him of his students’ actions in the fight for Palestinian rights.

It also happened in the time of Israel The disadvantages of the 11-day war on the Gaza Strip, which killed about 250 Palestinians and injured more than 1,900 others. Twelve people were also killed in Israel by rockets fired at the Palestinian territories.

“I am one of the few non-partisan thinkers in the media who has kept many journalists – especially Palestinian journalists and other ethnic journalists – in front of me,” Wilder said in a statement.

A Twitter post Monday from the Stanford Republican criticized Wilder, a Jew, as “anti-Israel” at the school.

The Washington Free Beacon then published an article entitled, “AP Hires Anti-Israel Activist as News Associate. The purpose of the AP in Asking Between Revelations shared Office Space with Hamas.”

A few days earlier, Israel blew up a house in Gaza where the AP office is located, as well as the offices of Al Jazeera and several residence buildings.

The Israeli government claims that al-Jalaa’s tower “contained weapons in Hamas’s law enforcement agencies” – which was rejected by the media. he asked independent research.

On Friday, AP spokesman Lauren Easton would not comment on what Wilder – who started working as an AP partner on May 3 from Phoenix, Arizona – wrote in a statement that violates corporate media policy, reporters said.

“We have a system in place so that one-person comments will not make our journalists more dangerous in reporting the matter,” Easton said.

“Every AP journalist has a responsibility to defend our ability to report on the war, or any other cause, fairly and honestly, and will not participate in civil society.”


But journalists and others have criticized the AP for expelling Wilder, saying the move shows a gross misconduct against the so-called “biased” in reporting on Israel-Palestine.

Since Israel launched the threats in Gaza on May 10, people have been critical of how journalists, especially in the US, cover the war.

“This is a disgrace and the media outlets that are available to demand answers and transparency from others should follow the same principles,” US investigative journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones wrote on Twitter on Saturday, referring to Wilder’s dismissal.

“This is an exciting story about elections,” said Khaled Elgindy, director of the Program on Palestine and Palestine-Israeli Affairs at the Middle East Institute.

“There is a reading coming on in American journalism. Good. It is time to reconsider the ‘indifference’ and ‘political neutrality’ that always provide opportunities for all the beneficiaries, “said American Secretary of Housing and Development Development Julian Castro. he wrote.

In his remarks, Wilder questioned the message his dismissal sends to other young people who want to enter journalism.

“I have to ask what kind of message it is for young people who hope to turn righteous anger or the interest in justice into an interesting story,” he wrote.

“What future does it promise for those who want the media that an organization like The Associated Press offers sacrifices to those who have no power to brutally oppress an unknown group of friends? What does it mean to the industry that even sharing the painful experiences of the Palestinian people or asking questions in the language we describe can be seen as ‘fair’? ”

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