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Bolsonaro of Brazil paid a fine for violating COVID rules in public health | Coronavirus News Plague

Jair Bolsonaro is facing a crisis of mass compulsion and the Senate will ask how to deal with the coronavirus epidemic.

Brazilian right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro, a skeptic of COVID-19 who has refused to implement public health measures to prevent the spread of the disease, has been fined for failing to comply with public health safety rules at public events in Maranhao state.

Governor Flavio Dino said on Friday that health officials had filed a lawsuit in Bolsonaro “for promotion in Maranhao for unsafe meetings”.

“The law applies to everyone,” Dino sent out, reminding people that gatherings of more than 100 people are prohibited and that face masks are legal.

The Office of the President has 15 days to appeal, after which the amount of the fine must be determined. The office did not respond to requests from the AFP news agency.

Bolsonaro said remained a detractor while many people criticized their government for handling the COVID-19 epidemic, rejecting calls to establish a global campaign to spread the virus.

On Friday, Bolsonaro delegated rural responsibilities to Acailandia, about 500km (310 miles) from Sao Luis, the state capital of Maranhao. At the ceremony, the unarmed president accused Dino of being “a dictator” because of the government’s ban on coronaviruses.

More than 446,000 people said so he died due to coronavirus in Brazil, according to a study by Johns Hopkins University – the second-largest in the world after the United States.

More than 15.9 million cases have also been reported so far, and health experts have arrived was warned that another wave may be approaching.

The Brazilian Parliament last month initiated an investigation the manner in which Bolsonaro and his government responded to the crisis, led to the imposition of a former army chief before next year’s election next year.

On Friday, the senator who led the inquiry said Bolsonaro did not want to buy the COVID-19 vaccine, instead bet that the animal protection team could fight the virus.

Speaking to Reuters news agency, Senator Renan Calheiros said, “The president initially denied the disease, said it was the flu, then protested against isolation. He then started playing masks and encouraged people to gather.”

The demonstrator has picked up a sign that says’ Bolsonaro, that’s your fault! Killing people ‘last month as they staged protests against Bolsonaro and how they support the epidemic [File: Bruno Kelly/Reuters]

“So why? For animal protection, environmental protection … you have to promote the population and the spread of the virus,” Calheiros said. “That’s why he didn’t want a vaccine.”

The Bolsonaro office did not respond to a request from Reuters on the matter.

Brazil approved two jabs of coronavirus – China SinoVac and Britain’s AstraZeneca – for emergency use in January, but its vaccine is fraught with delays and shortages of medication.

As of May 18, one in eight Brazilian adults has been fully vaccinated, according to Reuters.

Health officials He said earlier this week that they expect to receive enough vaccines from China to make as many as 25 million doses.

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