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Delhi Police Launched On Twitter National Headquarters

On Monday, a group of police officers from Special Cell, a New Delhi-based crime intelligence service, went to Twitter in the city to “provide information” to a Twitter official in India. Police also tried to enter Twitter office in Gurugram, a place that was completely closed, a Twitter spokesman told BuzzFeed News.

The move came three days after Twitter posted a “social media” sign on and tweets among the 12 members of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, in which he accused the Indian National Congress, the main opposition party, of plotting to assassinate Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in ending a second coronavirus outbreak in India.

In an image published by the members, the Indian National Congress offers special opportunities to journalists affected by the epidemic among other things. AltNews, India’s truth search page, he found that the image was made. (Congress also filed a police complaint against Sambit Patra, a BJP spokesman who shared the photo.) On Friday, India’s IT ministry sent a letter to a company that asks to remove letters. Twitter did not.

A Twitter spokesman declined to comment.

Several Delhi police spokespersons did not respond. But law enforcement sources told BuzzFeed News that they had gone to the Twitter office to provide information on Twitter as part of the “normal process,” after receiving “vague responses” from Twitter India chief Manish maheshwari.

In a video seen by police with BuzzFeed News, officials marched to the reception area at the New Delhi headquarters in India, India and asked the security guards for the office. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

For several months, Twitter has closed its horns with the Indian government. In February, the company declined to investigate Tweets from journalists, politicians, and politicians in this country even though they were ordered by the Indian government to do so, even threats from the IT ministry and arresting Twitter ministers for not pulling the government line.

At the end of February, the government of India revealed new rules to take greater power over the television industry. On Friday, it issued a ruling asking the platform to remove the information about the “Indian breed” of coronavirus, according to to Reuters.

This is a growing story.

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