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Death Penalty Not applicable Craig Lang Case: Feds


The U.S. Department of Justice will abolish the death penalty in the story of Craig LangA veteran of the war veterans who fought in the right wing in Ukraine and his superiors have been ordered to kill another family in southwestern Florida in April 2018.

The case is being monitored by U.S. officials and experts in defense studies that have been a source of concern for Americans who go to Ukraine to train with the right-wing military for military training.

At a zoo in Fort Myers on Monday, Jesus Casas, the U.S. attorney general for the Middle District in Florida, told the court that the government had decided to impose a maximum penalty for hastening Lang’s extradition to Kyiv, where he currently lives under house arrest. .

Ukraine is interested in the issue of capital punishment, which was abolished in 2000. Lang and his lawyers also appealed to the European Court of Human Rights, which ordered that Lang be reinstated until his case is reviewed. A spokesman for the ECHR did not say when the review would be completed.

Casas said on Monday he heard that the US government would continue to be assassinated by Lang’s freedom fighter, Alex Zwiefelhofer, a fellow soldier who had fought against terrorists in eastern Ukraine and had been in US prisons since 2019.

Lang, 30, and Zwiefelhofer, 23, are accused of using a liar to lure Serafin “Danny” Lorenzo and Deana Lorenzo into a nightclub at a business center in the town of Estero, where the couple hopes to buy guns for the men and sell them for a profit. Instead, Lang and Zwiefelhofer reportedly shot Lorenzos in the head attack, left them to die, stealing $ 3,000.

After killing the couple, former soldiers decided to use the money to flee by boat to South America, where they wanted to “take part in the war against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela” and kill “communists,” government officials say. The escape did not go as planned, however, Zwiefelhofer was arrested at his home in Wisconsin and transferred to Florida, where he is awaiting trial in December. Lang managed to return to Ukraine, but was eventually arrested by Ukrainian officials in August 2019, returning from a short trip to Moldova. Border guards detained him when they saw that Interpol’s warrant had been granted for his arrest.

In a statement, Lang’s attorney general in Ukraine, Dmytro Morhun, declined to comment on Monday’s incident.

A Lorenzos relative told BuzzFeed News on Monday that he was happy with this. In April, a relative, who asked not to be named because of concerns over their safety, said he did not want Lang’s death sentence; he just wants to be sent back to Florida for trial. “We just want him to pay,” said the relative.

Bjorn Brunvand, a U.S. attorney in Lang, told Judge Sheri Polster Chappell that he “asked” about Lang’s repatriation but said it was unclear when Lang would be detained in the US.

Given the uncertainty of Lang’s role, Casas told Judge Chappell that the government was following Zwiefelhofer’s case in some way.

State attorneys, Lang, and Zwiefelhofer agreed that the epidemic had slowed their progress by gathering the necessary resources for trial. Zwiefelhofer’s lawyer, D. Todd Doss, said he needed more time to meet with witnesses and obtain self-defense documents for his client.

Lang and Zwiefelhofer first met in Ukraine, when in 2016 they joined the right-wing team. Famous for why Nazi party membership and human rights abuses, grew as a result of the cooperation of right-wing forces formed during the Ukrainian revolt against Euromaidan in 2014. The Right Movement later re-established itself as a volunteer force after Russia invaded Crimea and launched a war east of the Donbas region in Ukraine.

Some Americans who fought in Ukraine told BuzzFeed News in the questions that Lang and Zwiefelhofer continued to grow in their right thoughts and actions during their time in this world.

The two men left Ukraine in 2017 after the war and then tried an opportunity to reunite in South Sudan. He did not go and instead was arrested and deported back to the US, where authorities say he has gone back to prepare for Lorenzos’ attack in order to give more money to foreign countries.

Since then, Mr. Lang has been in prison or other prisons in Ukraine. She currently lives in Kyiv with her friend and their baby and has to wear a scarf. He also said at a judging meeting held by BuzzFeed News in February that he was teaching English to Ukrainian online to help his family.

In the same case, Lang said the US government also wants to prosecute him for the political unrest that took place in the war in Ukraine.

“Any separatist or Russian soldier I have killed could be charged with murder,” he told a Ukrainian court. “Realize that any soldier I arrest will be a thief.”


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