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U.S. opens negotiations over cyber ransom charges after bombing


The White House has opened a debate on the benefits of compensating companies for cyber attacks after a group of burglars shut down U.S. oil pipelines over the weekend, highlighting the dangers of risk to essentials.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has long opposed such a charge because it has also encouraged the liberation struggle, in which hackers take computers or information until their demands are met.

Anne Neuberger, US deputy state security adviser on cyber security and emerging professionals, said Monday that Biden’s management was “closely monitoring” its mechanisms for the provision of redemptive weapons and total redundancy “.

“Victims of the internet are often very vulnerable, and have to do things right. .

“That’s why the increase in redemption is an in-depth look at the challenges we see often need companies that are insured and can have more target, that we need to look more closely at the region,” Neuberger said.

The ransom fighters on Friday said one of their main goals is to close 5,500 miles Colonial pipes a network that carries oil, diesel and jets from freight across the Gulf of Mexico to the Atlantic Ocean. The machine is capable of delivering about 15% of US oil production.

FBI Monday unveiled Darkness, an organization believed to be operated from Russia by a well-known group of cybercriminals, “has a responsibility” to disrupt colonial pipelines.

“Right now we consider DarkSide as a perpetrator of violence but in reality, our intelligence team wants any relationships with stakeholders in any country,” Neuberger told reporters.

The Colonial Pipeline Company, with the help of a broker-dealer group including the KKR finance agency and Koch Industries, said it would restore more jobs over the weekend while working with exporters to find alternatives carrying oil.

The disruption left refineries off the coast of the Gulf without a market, forcing them to cut 500,000 barrels a day, according to an oil expert. Some cleaners, including the New York-based Valero, want to stop the oil spill on ships, says S&P Global Platts. Valero did not respond to a request for comment.

The colonial plumbing company has rejected the government’s offer to help restore its equipment, Neuberger said. The White House had not yet issued any “advice” to the colonists if they would pay a ransom, he added.

James Lewis, a cyber security expert at the Center for Strategic and International Study, said the pipelines were said to be at risk of cyber security threats a decade ago, adding that comments from the White House on the ransom payment were “real acceptance”.

The U.S. oil market has not responded well due to the economic downturn, ahead of June’s upward rise by only 0.3% to settle at $ 2.13 per gallon on Monday.

However, if the pipelines are not quickly restored to work, high-value trees can follow, researchers said.

“If consumers are alarmed, you can see that prices will rise in the next few days,” said Alan Gelder, vice president of refining medicine at Wood Mackenzie. “I think that, for the most part, it will take the evening news to the United States.”

There has been an increase in the number of eagles in recent years as a result of the highly profitable business, demanding a ransom for about $ 100,000, according to the US Department of Justice. Many terrorists operate on behalf of Russia, where they cannot be prosecuted by the authorities.

Insurers have also been accused of inciting companies to pay, in exchange for reimbursement for damages. Monday, the international insurance group AXA He said would stop writing cyber policies that refund money to its French clients, after criticism.


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