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Death, destruction in Gaza as Israel does not call for a call – Live | Conflicts between Israel and Palestine Issues


Israeli warplanes continued to hit the Gaza Strip on Thursday, killing one Palestinian and injuring several others as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu defied calling for a lift.

At least 227 Palestinians, including 64 children, were killed in 11 days of violence.

In Israel, 12 people have been killed.

Joe Biden, President of the United States, on Wednesday discussed the situation in Gaza with Netanyahu, telling the interim leader that he expects a “significant decline today in the path to a ceasefire”.

But as soon as Biden made the call, Netanyahu said he was “determined” to continue blasting Gaza until “Israel’s goal was achieved”.

Efforts to negotiate peace talks between Hamas officials in Israel and Gaza have been halted, while the US has continued to block the United Nations Security Council in this regard.

Here are some recent updates:

In Israel, the suspension of Hamas ‘could come on Friday’, the WSJ said

The ceasefire between Israel and Hamas “could come Friday”, The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports, naming US and foreign observers involved in the negotiations.

Egyptian officials have stepped up talks with the Hamas leadership, the newspaper said, while Israeli military secretly admitted it was close to achieving its goals.

An unnamed U.S. official told WSJ that there was a way to stop the guns and that “the only issue is time”.

He also said that members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, another militant group in Gaza, remained a hostile card.

Hamas leader foretells peace ‘one or two days’

Moussa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas politician, predicted a ceasefire within days of the Israeli-Gaza rise.

“I think the attempts to stop the war will succeed,” he told al-Mayadeen TV in Lebanon. “I hope the war will be over by the end of a day or two, and the suspension will be in full swing.”

Egyptian security analysts told Reuters that the groups had agreed to stop fighting with the help of diplomats but were discussing more secretly.

One Palestinian was killed in Gaza

A Palestinian man has been killed and 13 others injured in a recent Israeli occupation of Gaza, Palestinian journalists Wafaa said.

A Wafa reporter in Gaza said Israeli warplanes flew at least 30 planes looking at roads and houses in Gaza City, Jabalia and Khan Younis.

Smoke following an Israeli flight to Gaza City on May 20, 2021 [Mohammed Abed/ AFP]

The damage caused “severe damage” on the Saftawi highway, which connects Gaza City and the northern part of the city, and damaged electricity, water and sanitation, the report said.

Palestinian groups ‘light 80 rockets in one night’

Palestinian groups in Gaza fired 80 rockets and machine guns into southern Israel between 7pm Wednesday and 7am Thursday, according to the Israeli Times, citing Israeli forces.

Israeli security forces seized several rockets and there were no reports of injuries, according to the website.

The last rocket was launched at 1 a.m. local time, it said.

The light looks like Israeli Iron Dome missile launchers carrying rockets launched from the Gaza Strip to Israel, as seen in Ashkelon May 19, 2021 [Amir Cohen/ Reuters]

The US opposes France’s view of the UN

Washington has condemned a UN Security Council resolution, drafted by France, that called for an end to the war between Israel and Hamas, according to the Associated Press.

A U.S. spokesman to the UN also said in Washington that public statements could jeopardize Biden’s efforts to end the war.

“We have made it very clear and consistent that we are considering the efforts that are being made to deal with violence and that we do not agree with what we believe will undermine the efforts,” a spokesman told the AP on the matter anonymously.

Diplomat says all 15 other members are supporting the French experiment.

US Democrats urge Biden to support the Israeli-Palestinian alliance

More than 130 Democrats from the US Congress have called on Biden to “help end the violence” between Israel and Hamas and to “force both sides to negotiate more actively”.

The letter said: “Another way is the impending disaster of countless people.”

Several Palestinians were injured during Israeli missions

Nine Palestinians have been injured in a Israeli attack on a house in Khan Younis, south of Gaza, according to a medical report.

Eight others were injured during a flight to a house in Jabalia in northern Gaza.

Israel operates hundreds of flights in Gaza

Israel continued to hit the Gaza Strip with airstrikes earlier Thursday.

A massive explosion shook the region of Palestine, with a bright orange glow just before dawn.

In all cases from yesterday, May 19, go Pano.


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