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The action taken against the five individuals and the four legal entities was based on the committee’s actions.

Cyprus has filed its first lawsuit against a business solution passport that was revoked last year following the Al Jazeera scandal it’s easy, according to state law enforcement agencies.

“The first case involving the sale of foreign businesses and businesses was filed in the Larnaca Court,” it said Friday.

The action taken against the five individuals and the four legal entities, involved in all 37 cases, was based on the findings of the committee, which did not provide names.

Law enforcement officials said the “confidential information” would not be disclosed due to the “risks” of the investigation.

‘Gold Passport’

Last November, Cyprus withdrew its so-called “gold passport” after a radio video by Al Jazeera released a sign showing journalists pretending to be Chinese businessmen seeking a Cyprus passport despite having a criminal record.

Parliamentary spokesman Demetris Syllouris and a controversial politician were secretly photographed trying to get a fugitive’s passport.

He later resigned, although all insisted he was innocent.

Al Jazeera also said that many of those who have registered have been subjected to prosecution, international torture or imprisonment.

Nicosia had already faced pressure from Brussels to change its policy because of concerns that might have helped terrorists to enter the European Union.

Cyprus said the money was necessary to address the island’s economic crisis in 2013.

Thousands of documents

Nicosia sent thousands of passports at the convention, allowing applicants to obtain one in exchange for $ 3m.

About 51% of the 6,779 passports issued from 2007-2020 went to recipients who did not qualify as eligible, according to an independent research study.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.


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