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Crypto crash, Doge mania, landmarks and big divorce | Business and Financial Issues

There has been no shortage of business and economic lobbying news this week.

Once again, the epidemic became a global issue with India secondary damage to COVID-19. But there is also good news: The leadership of US President Joe Biden has joined forces with many other countries to support the plan to protect the COVID vaccine and to promote the availability of jabs around the world, especially in less developed countries.

We’ve gotten the numbers to know this week, including an impressive reading on the U.S. retail market; a promotion (literally) from SpaceX space company; a well-known divorce decree from two of the biggest names in society; and many crypto-mania, including a correction that comes too late for some Turks.

So before you open this week, pour out some coffee and give them a thorough reading of the roll.


Number of countries that have lost support for the idea that the World Trade Organization has abandoned the temporary protection of the COVID-19 vaccine.

At a time when the World Health Organization described it as “a success,” Biden’s management announced this week that they too would support the plan.

Al Pieterar’s Virginia Pietromarchi breaks down what you need to know about the COVID IP vaccine war – and the risks of a global war – well Pano.


The number of COVID-19 infections in India has been calculated daily for the past seven days, bringing the total exposure to 21.4 million.

“That number has skyrocketed in the country, leaving millions of people preoccupied with drugs, oxygen pills and beds,” wrote Megha Bahree of Al Jazeera.

In the poorest areas you have found volunteers, including all 50-year-old women who “divided themselves into small groups to meet various needs – such as bedding, patient care and air conditioning – and explored the COVID site – Test 19, ”Often for total strangers.Read encouraging stories of Indians coming to help Pano.

10 percent

The fall in price (more than 10%, literally) of the Turkish lira against the dollar since early 2021, prompting some in Turkey to bet on red cryptocurrensets like Bitcoin.

But hundreds of Turkish economists ended up throwing away their coats instead of double the cryptocurrency exchange in the country in just a few days, prompting local regulators to tighten the noose on the group.

But for those who have lost their money, the takeover comes too late, as Andrew Wilks of Al Jazeera points out Pano.


Number of seats available at Blue Origin’s the first commercial aircraft to a small area, Edited July 20.

Jeff Bezos ’company announced Wednesday that it is ready to take the riders – and open up online access to the last seat on their first tour.

Not killed, SpaceX by Elon Musk set up his fifth Starship trial on the same day.

The two space billionaires made no secret of their distance from the BFF. They are even in the middle of the Moon controversy. Amy Thompson of Al Jazeera has it story here.

The large windows on the Blue Origin’s crew capsule were designed to support passengers as they spend 10 minutes floating with zero before returning to Earth. [Credit: Blue Origin]


The number of jobs that the US economy has increased in April, and a great stumbling block, With many Wall Street experts expecting an estimated one million jobs created last month.

And the decline in the labor market does not hit everyone equally. In April, the proportion of women over the age of 20 in the US who were offered heavy work or active employment was down 56.2% from 56.6% in previous months.

Mothers have given up more jobs during the epidemic because they are forced to carry more childcare items because of the distance from school and daycare.

This means that women, especially working women, can lose many years of employment, which is also good for industry and the economy because diversity and inclusion help.

Does the outbreak of the epidemic bring a workplace for women? La Jurin-Whitney Gottbrath of Al Jazeera is investigating the conversation Pano.

69 cents

Precious Dogecoin hit this week, part of the rise of the Shiba Inu-themed cryptocurrency season since the beginning of the year.

The mix of daytrader FOMO and shouts of celebrities from the likes of Elon Musk, who are planning Saturday Night Live this week, has contributed to the impressive workshop.

But critics say that such jokes can end in tears for those who have less money. Fabric. Ben Piven of Al Jazeera breaks what you need to know about Doge mania Pano.

$ 43.3bn

All the bills of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2019, and make it the largest security base in the US and it is one of the largest in the world.

The story that Bill and Melinda Gates are divorce after 27 years of marriage we have sent these wonders through the world of compassion this week. Gates is one of the richest men in the world, and divorce can have a devastating effect on the economy.

This seems to have already begun: following the announcement, Bill Gates’ company transferred $ 1.8bn in cash to Melinda.

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