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Bad Batch Crew Talk Omega Female Clone Reveal


Welcome to the team, Omega.

Welcome to the team, Omega.
Drawing picture: Lucasfilm

One of the most interesting things in the Star Wars: Evil GroupFirst it wasn’t fair amazing cameo. Instead, it is probably one of the most exciting things to add to Star Wars The prequel canon for years comes as a new companion to the group, Omega – and Evil GroupStaff he sees the addition as the biggest problem on the show.


Ever since Omega met them driving demonstrations, fans have figured out who they can be. Many were saying that Omega is really fresh from the same template for Jango Fett that all others, including Bad Batch, were made from. But what the revelation reveals is that Omega, although raised to believe in a certain way, is part of the “Evil Group” as our notorious heroes; it’s just, well … a he. Described by Michelle Ang’s show, Omega is actively a driver. The idea of ​​establishing the Jango feminism was not really a foregone conclusion for Jennifer Corbett and Brad Rau. For the two of them, that’s what Omega stood for in Batch. “At the beginning of this development, we were asking ourselves: how can we fight Bad Batch, because they are experts in martial arts – and what could give them a problem along the way? can do it, “a Corbett told io9 in a recent video call.

This is not to say that Omega’s role as a model – especially such as Crosshair, Hunter, Wrecker, and Tech, the “defect” of the Fett template – is not very important in his case. Evil Group not only do they want to look at the royal relationship with the Kingdom, but their relationship with the gemstones that they now control, and Omega has played a very important role in this parallelism. “Saying it’s a product, and we’re just expanding it on Batch – in the eyes of the regs, they just see it as a flaw. “So when he realizes that there’s one of them out there and this kid also sees him as ‘wrong’ and he knows how it feels to be different and inappropriate – especially in Kamino – it felt like a moment of connection.”


Drawing picture: Lucasfilm

“It was fun to show him as a Batch lover because he watches them and he hears about them and he’s like him,” he added. “It was the most exciting thing we had to see.” The power received is also, because Evil Groupstar: back Clone War and The rebels former soldier Dee Bradley Baker, the words of Captain Rex and the entire Grand Army of the Republic, and now about 90% of Evil GroupStarting players. “It’s good to have another member in the whole group!” Baker laughs. “Also … it is a very good and interesting idea, to add Omega’s role in the story. The reason for this is not only action and war, but also being a well-rounded adult with her child and an exciting potential, as we begin to show. Likewise Star Wars– as always – not just cold people, but big ones at play: a personal, personal story being played under the roof of political forces, which everyone has to contend with, which is deep and fun and dangerous, often. ”

“It’s amazing that it enhances social cohesion, intimacy … having this little character, Omega, and this unique A-Team, independent, meaningless, of any kind. -The team – we have to deal with a sweet child, innocent, strong, competent, intelligent, ”concluded Baker. “It’s an interesting story that I think plays very well Evil Group. ”

Star Wars: Evil Group is spreading on Disney + now.

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