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COVIDs were returned to Melbourne after five cases were discovered | Coronavirus News Plague

Officials in Australia’s second largest city have said the ban will remain in effect until June 4 when they will be struggling to find a place to start new infections.

Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne, has reinstated its COVID-19 ban as authorities scramble to find a missing link in the city’s new explosion that has grown to five cases.

Home meetings will have only five guests, only 30 people will be allowed in public meetings, and face masks will be forced into the house from 6pm local time (08:00 GMT) Tuesday to June 4th.

“This is the right thing to do to diagnose this disease,” James Merlino, Victoria’s prime minister, told reporters in Melbourne.

The latest cases come almost three months after the government declared zero charges.

Victoria was a very difficult world during the second coronavirus last year, accounting for about 70% of all cases and 90% of deaths in Australia nursing homes have been hit hard. The government launched the epidemic again after a major and most closed cracking in the world.

A new case has been reported in Melbourne, Merlino said Tuesday, just one day after four cases were reported in the city.

All five cases involve one family in a number of different families and they have reverted through the virus to other features found on a foreign trip that returned to Melbourne earlier this month after a solitary confinement in the city of Adelaide.

Officials, however, are still monitoring how their relatives contracted the virus from an outsider.

A recent case involved a man in his 60’s.

“Most importantly, they say they have one identity before a single signal, meaning that this can happen,” Merlino and Australia Broadcasting Corp (ABC) said. Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said the man could be “missing”.

Thousands of people have been ordered to separate and test the COVID-19 and health information provided in a number of places, from cars to restaurants and retail outlets.

One of the cases had a high viral load as he visited a checkpoint to warn Melbourne’s five million people to prepare for better cases in the next few days.

Hours at the COVID-19 test site have been added to address the expected amount.

Rapid action, shifts in mobility and distance between people have helped Australia to have an outbreak of COVID-19, recording more than 30,000 cases and 910 deaths since the outbreak began.

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