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iFixit appears inside Apple’s new 24-inch iMac


It’s been years since people at iFixit found the file The new iMac tear but is now attacking the newly released 24-inch Apple brand. When you compare the 5K iMac version of 2014 the thing that jumps out is the limited space that computer components take. Apple’s M1 device, connected hardware, RAM and everything else fills a small board that fits perfectly on the chin of the new desktop.

The X-ray shoot reveals that although it hides its antenna inside the Apple logo, it wasn’t made like an apple this time around. It doesn’t look like there is a hidden RAM or SSD hiding place in it, though we do not expect to be able to upgrade the hardware in this machine. TeFitit’s Teardown is still going strong, so take a look now to see what the metal shields are, or how TouchID works to connect the wireless keyboard.

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