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COVID: Black fungus exacerbates India crisis, 4,194 people die | Coronavirus News Plague


An outbreak of coronavirus in India has set in motion in some parts of the country, a government official said, but the death toll rose by 4,194 on Saturday and the disease was spreading to rural areas. New infections, called black fungus, are also causing some problems.

Earlier this month, India reported more than 400,000 new ones daily but the numbers have dwindled. On Saturday, government records showed 257,299 new cases.

Charges in Maharashtra and Karnataka and along the coast of Kerala fell two weeks ago, Health Minister Lav Agarwal told reporters on Saturday.

The daily numbers in countries, including West Bengal, which has recently completed elections, and the southern states of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu are on the rise, he said.

With hospitals overflowing, health care is on the rise in cities and vaccines are lacking, experts have warned India that it could face three more diseases in the coming months.

“Although [spread of coronavirus] has been established in many parts of the country, and the overall weight has been reduced, and we have a long way to go to deal with this wave, “Dr. VK Paul, a federal official on COVID-19, told a news conference.

“For the first time, we have seen that rural areas are affected by the epidemic.”

The total number of diseases in the country was 26.3 million, the second highest in the world after the United States, while the total death toll in the country was 295,525.

A woman with difficulty breathing receives treatment from a community-based hospital in the village of Parsaul in Greater Noida, northern Uttar Pradesh, India [Adnan Abidi/Reuters]

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and government officials have been hit by a series of government failures in the wake of the outbreak as more and more officials are preparing for another operation.

The prevalence of vaccines in this country is yet another major problem.

The Prime Minister of Delhi said government officials had been forced to suspend vaccinations for 18- to 44-year-olds as their stock had run out.

Black mushrooms are terrifying

The Indian government has asked countries to report cases of mucormycosis, also known as black mushrooms – a serious infection that has been identified in patients with coronavirus.

The condition causes changes in the eyes and nose, blurred vision, chest pain, and difficulty breathing. In some cases, doctors have to remove one or both of the eyebrows, or part of the jaw, to correct the infection.

India has also ordered emergency measures to prevent the spread of rare diseases among coronavirus patients.

According to medical experts, diabetics are often more prone to diabetes.

Gujarat and Telangana said Thursday they were the last to announce the black fungal epidemics, just one day from Rajasthan.

The Maharashtra state has reported more than 2,000 cases. Gujarat, home of Prime Minister Modi, has about 1,200 charges, officials said.

“Doctors say that coronavirus patients with diabetes and weakened immune systems are more likely to be infected,” said Elizabeth Puranam of Al Jazeera in New Delhi.

“It is believed that the use of steroids in the elimination of COVID-19 may contribute to diabetes.”


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