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The Virgin Galactic completes the rocket-propelled test months after the delay


The Virgin Galactic special program is back. As promised, company to finish a pilot pilot rocket on May 22nd that saw VSS Unity, its two pilots and NASA pilots to space. It is the first flight out of the Virgin Spaceport America to New Mexico.

The flight was scheduled for early December 2020, but failed when the computer was installed stopped lighting a rocket motor. The virgin at first delayed her escape until February, pushed back for professional research. The most recent service tested the solution to this problem in addition to its original objectives, including data collection in the last two reports that Virgin required a FAA shipping license.

This victory comes late – the Virgin said has delayed its initial tours to 2022. This could be painful for a company that continues to bleed while waiting for its first and paid flights. The test allows Virgin to deal with a serious problem, however, and can focus on the next test trip (coming time) instead of the old ones.

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