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Colonial pipes recorded security operations before the attack | Business and Financial Issues


The task of writing the head of the cybersecurity Pipeline of the Colonial Pipeline is still on its page Wednesday, five days after the company responded to the cyber.

Colonial Pipeline, a US company that is at the peak of the major redemptions it has brought fat loss worsens and rising fuel prices across the country, he hired security officials a few weeks before the bombing.

The program of employment The Colonel’s “cyber security guard” is still on the website Wednesday, five days after the company responded to this.

In a statement, Colonial described Alpharetta, Georgia as “responsible for the management of a team of cyber security experts and experts including but not limited to technical networks, SCADA & network engineers and cyber security engineers”.

The position requires a “personal ambassador” who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information security or other related fields or a combination of work experience and education, depending on the submission. Followers can have up to five years or more for technical research plus five years or more for practical purposes.

“As a Supervisor, you will lead the development of security business strategies; will oversee the implementation of cyber security standards and procedures; facilitate recovery in security situations; and regulate law enforcement, “the document said.

The Colonial Pipeline claims to be the largest commercial pipeline in the US, carrying 2.5 million barrels a day of various fuels, diesel fuel, home heating, jet fuel and oil to U.S. military lines in a 5-mile down line.

It also stated in a statement that the commission submitted was not linked to the conspiracy.

“Cyber ​​protection has not been created because of recent eagles,” the company said in an email to Bloomberg news. “We have a number of open positions as part of the process of temporary growth around skills, as we are only gaining high-level skills across all areas of our business.”

A major US pipeline company says it has been forced to suspend all pipelines after cyber security

The company said it exports about 45% of all edible oil off the coastal coast of the East Coast, supplying oil to 50 million Americans.

On Saturday, the colonists handed over a certificate of authenticity “Victim of cybersecurity” and that the event involves redemption.

Ransom is a type of malware that stores data, blocking users from outside the system until a ransom is paid.

The company said it “took other offline systems to address threats, which temporarily suspended all pipeline operations, and affected some of our IT systems” and partnered with a third-party security company as well as law enforcement agencies and government agencies.

On Monday, the FBI confirmed that the pipeline attack had taken place by a terrorist group called DarkSide.

“The FBI confirms that the Darkside ransomware program was responsible for the disruption of the colonial Pipeline,” the FBI said. “We will continue to work with the company and our government partners on research.”

Colonials said Monday is holding “the goal of Resetting work at the end of the week ”.

A few days later, many pipelines are still online and oil shortages have swept away parts of the U.S., with drivers in some states lined up for hours to fill their tanks or not find “oil-free” signs attached to local pumps.

At least four U.S. governors, in Virginia, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia, have declared a state of emergency over the shortage.

The global oil price hit six years Wednesday, standing up over $ 3 per gallon, according to information from the AAA traffic management agency.

In a statement sent to his office on Tuesday evening, the Colonials said they were “still making progress in our pilot project to get our work back”.

The White House has a press conference on pipeline planning Wednesday evening.

But although the colonists could resume pipeline operations Wednesday, U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm acknowledged it could take several days to “increase operations”.


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