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The US has accused China of holding a ‘public jail’ in Xinjiang


The US has accused the Chinese government of turning Xinjiang into a “public prison” by stepping up controls in the northwestern region in an attempt to seize freedom of movement for Muslim Uyghurs.

Daniel Nadel, a senior government official, said China had intensified its campaign against the Uyghurs beyond those detained in prisons, as the US reported report on religious freedom who strongly criticized Beijing’s support for minorities.

“Early in the morning you saw a great deal of dependence on the camps. . . Continuing education, coercive, “he said, adding that China has now made” efforts to elevate the whole region into a public prison “.

Biden officials have already reported on Xinjiang, where more than 1m Uyghurs were detained in the camps, “killing people“.

Nadel also said the US is reviewing Beijing’s 2022 Fifth Amendments amid calls for support boycott of the ceremony and that Biden’s management wants to counter China’s goal of “using the game as a means of making… their own record of human rights abuses”.

While Washington criticizes China in religious freedom report, US ambassador to UN criticizes Beijing at a ceremony in Xinjiang which was supported by missions in the UK and Germany.

“We will continue to stand up and speak until the Chinese government drops its charges of civil war and the killing of Uyghurs and a few others in Xinjiang,” said Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

Barbara Woodward, UK ambassador, encouraged China giving Michelle Bachelet, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, “easy access” to Xinjiang.

But Kenneth Roth, Human Rights Watch’s chief of staff, criticized Bachelet for not participating in the event, which was sponsored by 18 UN member states.

“I hope he is busy. . . But I have a universal responsibility to protect human rights and I would not think of anything to do with you today, “said a UN official in Geneva.” I was not disappointed with this trip – until my laptop. “

More than a dozen countries have criticized China, sparking outrage from Guo Jiakun, China’s ambassador to the UN, who said the US was using unsubstantiated cases against Xinjiang as a “political weapon against China”.

Christoph Heusgen, Germany’s ambassador to the United States, accused China of intimidating other countries by not attending the UN, and said that Beijing would give the UN a chance to visit Xinjiang.

“If you have no hiding place, why not give the Human Rights Commissioners a fair go,” he said.

Separately, Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, says Washington was imposing sanctions on Yu Hui, a Chinese activist, for violating human rights, including the fraudulent arrest of members of Falun Gong, a Chinese religious group that Beijing describes as a “bad group”.

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