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Chadian army says victory over northern terrorists | War Stories


Soldiers and officials have already said they have defeated the FACT rebel group for fighting to continue.

The Chadian military will win the war that has lasted for weeks and the northern militants have instigated it death of President Idriss Deby in front.

The Front for Change and Concord in Chad (FACT) has not responded to a request for comment on Sunday. The revolutionary army had already said that they had defeated the rebels by waging war.

War and political instability are under control. Chad is a major force in Africa and its former Western ally against terrorists in the Sahel.

A crowd in the town of N’Djamena rejoiced on Sunday when soldiers arrived from the front of a truck with armored vehicles.

“The joyous return to war today announces the end of operations and the success of Chad,” Chief of Staff Abakar Abdelkerim Daoud told reporters.

At the battlefield in N’Djamena, most of the captured terrorists sat in the mud, according to the journalists who gathered.

A group of captured FACT terrorists being shown along with their weapons and vehicles at the Chadian Army base in N’Djamena [AFP]

FACT fighters crossed the border from Libya in April to meet with Deby, who had opposed their 30-year rule.

On Saturday, security forces fired tear gas to air protests against the ruling council. Led by Deby Mahamat Idriss Itno’s son, the council seized power after the former death, promising to monitor the 18-month change in elections.

Opposition political leaders and political parties have condemned the seizure of the government as a coup d’état and want supporters to take to the streets. At least five people have been killed during the show on April 27.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed support for the military at Deby’s funeral, sitting next to Deby Mahamat’s son. But the French government has changed, calling for a united government.

People staged a series of protests on Sunday, but left them out of fear of a brutal crackdown on government officials.

The military council gave permission for the protests on Sunday.


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