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Claiming money for the return of Hertz to the court market


A war on borrowed money Hertz it comes to an end when competitors in the financial business group will arrive at the market to be held Monday in a bankruptcy court.

The Consortium under the auspices of the Centerbridge Partners indicated that this would contradict the proposal made by another group led by Knighthead Capital that established a Hertz profit at $ 6.2bn.

This figure allows Hertz shareholders to receive an amazing $ 2 per share. The car rental war comes as to walk and the entertainment industry is recovering rapidly as vaccines are on the rise and US economy is booming.

The scandal between the two groups began in March when Hertz received a ticket from Knighthead and colleagues from Certares Opportunities who praised the company for just $ 4.8bn. This was achieved in April by the Centerbridge team, which includes Warburg Pincus and Dundon Capital Partners.

On Wednesday, the Hertz agency confirmed that donations from Knighthead they received last week were “very good ideas”. Advertising measures in place by the Delaware defaulters’ court have allowed Centerbridge to launch a market on Monday.

The initial bid for these two groups takes into account those with a small debt who are receiving cash in the new company while the shareholders are released.

A group of hedges who find shares in Hertz said the company’s accounting is enough to address a slight recovery for those who share it here. The group has teamed up with Knighthead / Certares along with Apollo Global Management to lead a $ 7bn package on new loans and investment funds to renovate Hertz.

Their goal is to provide 50 cents to current Hertz owners and allow them to purchase money in the new Hertz, either through granting or through legislation. The group has cost the package about $ 2.25 per share, according to one person who is well versed in the subject.

Hertz shares were boosted last summer by more than $ 5 billion in sales power using the Robinhood program. Experts, however, scoffed at it because it seems that since small loans could receive less than $ 100 per dollar on restructuring, those with lower shares would not receive anything.

Knighthead’s plan raises enough money to pay off all credit card bills as well as to pay dividends to shareholders. Hertz shares have risen to $ 3.48 from this year’s low of 66 cents, meaning the current market share of over $ 500m.

The defaulting court must approve the successful bidder, who will be followed by a ballot paper for Hertz candidates. The company intends to enter into an agreement to withdraw from Chapter 11 in early July, the start of a very busy season with the company.

Good conditions in the major markets have contributed to Hertz’s war of attrition.

“I do not remember a better financial market,” William Derrough, a fundraiser at Hertz in Moelis & Co, told a court in April.


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