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Bitcoin closes profitable year with whimper | Crypto News

Bitcoin is ringing a year of flag and end of stone.

The largest cryptocurrency and market price at a closing speed in December is a drop of 19%, its biggest loss every month since May. It is also the worst December since 2013. And its growth is 59% in 2021 and shows its lowest annual growth since 2015, when it progressed 36%. The stock dropped Friday to 3.5% to sell at $ 45,658.

What used to be the first year, however, has now settled the controversy after Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto world ended 2021 and pushed the public out and grabbed more interest from financial experts and the general public. Those who watch the daily gyrations of Bitcoin say it is all the same as the course – the currency is well known for its instability and this year it looked like something else.

“We see a little instability,” Chris Gaffney, president of global markets at TIAA Bank, said in an interview. “It’s a fantasy treasure.”

Bitcoin started in 2021 with a risk, recognizing a new rise where many investors – especially large Wall Street corporations – were attracted to this as a myth or as a wall against inflation. Other positive developments, including the establishment of the first US trading platform following the future of Bitcoin, also helped keep this trend year-round. Globally, more than $ 20 billion was invested in crypto trading products through November, historically, according to ETFGI, research and technology firm. The stock has grown by about 550% year-on-year, up from $ 3.1 billion at the end of last year, the company said in a statement.

“What raised Bitcoin to over $ 20,000 was impressive, ‘Oh my God, it’s not just a bunch of kids. “The next phase of such a tough Bitcoin youth will need something more.”

Bitcoin has had a difficult time since it rose to about $ 69,000 in early November. Among other things, researchers say, it is concerned with concerns over a larger review of legislation around the world. But it is also losing control of some well-known brands as the crypto ecosystem expands this year. Of the largest cryptocurrencies, Binance Coin sent the best returns, adding about 1,300% in 2021.

Matt Maley, chief market expert for Miller Tabak + Co., says the end of the Bitcoin year could be due to investors investing in unsuccessful trades.

“Corporate investors tend to release their bulk assets at the end of the year and reduce (or sometimes, lose) those they have lost,” he wrote in a letter this week. “Well, what do you think? Many players were late for Bitcoin and other cryptos games this year. “

Bitcoin gains in the year remain impressive, and are not as smooth as in the past. Its 30% drop from the top is not as great as some do. The median decline in history is about 46%, according to Bespoke Investment Group. Bitcoin mid-year pullback was high, with prices below more than 50% on the low.


Looking ahead, many investors – in the “crypto-to-the-moon” fashion – expect prices to return and eventually reach new heights. The wild market changes show that it can go either way.

“We expect Bitcoin to continue to perform well. Challenges also include rising prices and economic stability from higher education and larger facilities,” wrote Martin Gaspar and Katherine Webb at CrossTower Research. “Investors really understand the unique value of Bitcoin. As long as it continues to murmur, we hope the price will follow.”

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