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Berlusconi has voted against Italy’s presidential race | Political Issues

The 85-year-old has been campaigning for the past few weeks to replace President Sergio Mattarella.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has announced that he will not run for president in his statement, removing the impediments to the various parliamentary elections on January 24.

The election of Prime Minister Mario Draghi looks like a possible next step, but it is unclear whether a major sweep of the parties supporting his coalition would favor him for fear that his departure could lead to a run-off election.

Berlusconi said he wanted the former president of the European Central Bank to remain in office until the end of parliament, in 2023.

Speaking at a meeting on Saturday with fellow leaders of the right-wing leaders, Berlusconi emphasized that the figures were, but not in the spirit of “nationalism”, but asked that those who gave his name be removed.

“Today, Italy needs a partnership,” he said, recognizing the ongoing coronavirus epidemic. “I will continue to serve my country in other ways.”

Berlusconi’s allies, Matteo Salvini’s League and Brothers of Italy, said they appreciated his decision. [File: Stefano Rellandini/Reuters]

The judiciary had asked Berlusconi to run for president, but his call would not be possible due to the difficulty of getting the much-needed support between the more than 1,000 councilors and delegates involved.

Berlusconi and the most divided man in Italy and the middle camp on the left had already stopped helping him.

He was temporarily suspended from public office after being found guilty of tax evasion in 2013, and would have been convicted of recent bribery offenses committed by minor prostitutes by his well-known “Bunga Bunga” parties more than 10 years ago.

The president of Italy is a very traditional man but he participates in political struggles and holds political power for seven years.

There is no clear winner

The winner of a secret parliamentary vote requires two-thirds of the votes cast in each of the first three voting votes. More absolute is enough after all.

There is no middle right or left left who has enough votes to force a person into their camp, meaning that some tolerance is needed to prevent a long-term demise.

“We will work with the middle-right leaders … to agree on a name that can bring about greater unity in parliament,” Berlusconi said.

Berlusconi’s allies, Photo by Matteo Salvini The League and the Italian Brethren, he said, appreciated his decision.

In his remarks, Salvini said the middle-right bloc is cohesive and is ready to create a number of “higher” ideas.

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